Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. The organism has this weakness/power: that it always does its own thing. You depend on exterior conditions but also on your organism. Transfer your attention to the organism and ignore the hangman, meaning the tyranny of external conditions.
  2. Can void kill? No. You kill yourself in reaction to void. Stop reaction, as a sort of hibernation.


  3. What do I think about death? I know that I will have nothing in common with myself just as I have nothing in common with the chair or ashtray beside me so why should I think more about death than about this ashtray or chair?


  4. The drama of existence consists of no drama. Without effort we adjust ourselves to our looks just like the chameleon automatically blends into its environment. Only if something meaningful to us happens do we have to express effort -- our dues for existence.


  5. Don't expect eternity. It doesn't need you and you don't need it.
  6. The spiritual concept: you can change the chemical composition. The materialist concept: the components remain the same and you just weave among them.
  7. The plant and cicada show us that there is no goal in life beside life itself. The animal’s movements don’t add an extra sense of life. It is only one extra way to maintain life.


  8. Under the motto "to hell with it all", I am burying the past and continue existing. One writer wrote about his little daughter who went to Auschwitz. I live his loss with him while burying in me this little girl. The spark that saved itself continues to be part of me in some other sphere. A Japanese writer wrote, "Hell can be training." How can Hell be training if there is a quantum leap between grace and disgrace, suffering and delight, good and bad, reward and punishment?
  9. In the celestial notebook
    On a page of cloud
    And against all odds
    I send a message to humans and gods.
  10. My way: a snake that runs toward nothingness leaving behind an imprint of beauty.
  11. From the whip of nothingness to the stroll of time, gravity harms me, lack of gravity destroys me. The void grinds me like shark's jaws.
  12. Somehow my Karma moves forward in agreement or not with my drives. Karma that apparently doesn’t notice us, governs our fate like a river carrying a leaf. Karma is probably not specifically ours but represents collective synchronicity. Even a subject of Karma’s flow must be conscious of the stalking dragon under the swamp.
  13. I have a little window in my “computer” where only one or two topics which form my universe exist.


  14. Dreams – not only a picture of memory hanging in our timespace but also transmission somehow coming from outside. Don’t allow demons to play soccer with the ball in which you are imprisoned while unused timespace howls into your ear.
  15. Captain, you stand before the court of your crew. How is it that we, not having your eyes, ears, brain, do a much better job than you do, facing the world?
    Captain: I, as captain, didn't use your potential to achieve our common good. I wasn't qualified. I admire you and ask you to forgive me. Karma. Still, we are bound to stay together because neither side wants to die.
  16. Zen clap of one hand: One side communion, unshared love.
  17. The people who are in the depths create for themselves artificial sun and lose contact with themselves because they twist reality.

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