Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. The sadist will enjoy your awareness of what awaits you. Alertness is useful only when you have freedom of reaction. Otherwise it stands on the side of the enemy.
  2. Wealth without power has a stench that attracts predators and scavengers.
  3. Don't choose 'easier' over 'better' though, where enigma rules, the 'easier' may be the better road because intuition doesn't support effort.
  4. Courage means respect for oneself.


  5. Future -- hypothetical stream -- comes from outside, touches us, becomes the present, passes, and becomes the past.


  6. When a picture awakes feelings transcending the visual message, when you get more than you were looking for -- that's the appearance of "soul" and "dream."

    In music and poetry some hypnotic chants provoke alternative states of mind, non-descriptive feelings that reach 'soul' and 'dream'.

    With drugs the visual effects are too definite to be expressions of soul. It's impossible to personify soul in a three dimensional universe; therefore one can live comfortably without believing in soul.

    You cannot represent soul and dream through direct plastic expression; they are in the domain of indefinable feelings. You look and you feel, as in music you listen and you feel, without necessarily translating into words and meaning. Skill, imagination, have no soul, no dream. Cubism, surrealism, may be considered a not-so-alien representation of reality. With a little effort from nature and the imagination, they could exist. Picasso, Dali, take you to the infinite labyrinth of their virtuosity. But the most complicated labyrinth doesn't lead you to 'dream' or 'soul', while an unexpected glimpse of something at the side of the road can arouse it.


  7. Global wars and individual disorders culminating in depression and madness -- are so similar that they may be discussed interchangeably.


  8. Nature is solemn, repetition is its chant. Observing nature is like listening to its melody.


  9. The empty brain, like the empty stomach, devours itself.
  10. Information has little to do with authenticity but a lot to do with to whom it's directed. Power is more important than information because nothing gives more credibility than power. Therefore, most often, information is a lie under the mask of respectability, the most dangerous weapon after nukes.

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