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  1. The void of Zen: Clear the head of its litter. Let the brain "die" in order to "resurrect."
  2. If you cannot work from hope, work from despair ("I feel much better since I gave up hope"). One of the ways: imagine that you'll die in 5 minutes and think what to do with what remains to you. No more time to plan, only "to breathe." Some decisions still remain with you; you remain captain, like it or not.
  3. Whatever the past or the future, during the present don't pace in a closed egg.
  4. It's a difficult task to leave everything where it belongs, to forget "the priorities." For instance if you decide to comb your hair, you cannot brood that it wont bring back youth, health, happiness, impressions and desires. And you don't throw away the bag of life because it's going to be empty.
  5. When you can't fight to obtain satisfaction you can always fight for your pride. At the end of the journey, with the broken boat of your life you reach the shore where only yourself awaits yourself.


  6. Skating on the skating rink of frozen garbage


  7. If the notion of "life" is sufficient when applied to plants and animals, for humans the diversity of lifestyle supercedes the general notion of life. Life in general is, like a flame, a self-perpetrating function, only the elements necessary to sustain life differ from one species to another. For the human, because of his intelligence, his lifestyle becomes more important than the general notion of life itself. The Human cannot simply claim "I'm alive" but must add, after Ortega y Gasset, "I'm me plus my circumstances." Without personal meaning life stops being attractive.


  8. You'll not avoid time by not using time.


  9. To be creative is not to control but to reach the realm beyond control.


  10. You want "to find yourself?" You don't need to look far because you'll find yourself in what stimulates you. Then you digest it intellectually. That's your "photosynthesis."
  11. Sometimes "better" equals "easier" because intuition doesn't like effort.
  12. Routine means fading. Evolution means selective survival. Revolution means mostly an energetic act of life. Revolution means the quantum leap, impossibility of clear prediction, consequently of control.
    Conflict dominates equilibrium. Revolution means youth; going into something unknown, throwing everything forward at once; thought, emotion, physical feelings...
    To control life is to limit life. "Evolution" means a defined direction imposed from outside like a sailboat catching the wind's direction. Revolution means: let's do something unexpected, perhaps impossible.


  13. I'm not rejecting decor from my life but I'm not one to contribute to it. I cannot use decoration which has no intimate attachment to its meaning. Roman architecture has almost no adornment; matter remains plain while beauty is non-material -- spiritual. Gothic begins to disturb me because the beauty of matter cohabits with the spiritual; meaning doesn't complete but compete. In Baroque, Rococco, adornment starts to please me because the beauty of matter overpowers the beauty of the spirit; from the temple of Spirit it becomes the temple of Beauty.


  14. Courage: homage paid to something bigger than you.
  15. Insomnia: in an imaginary train, through the windows of Time, I observe the passing landscape of automatic thoughts.


  16. Ritual is necessary as dance is necessary. Dance = when music leads you, ritual = when the soul leads you.
  17. You wanted to trust him but he was only human. The worst enemy is the smiling enemy.
  18. The world is not meaningful; the world is a lumberyard where people collect material for their individual meanings. And what if you give up the search for temporary meaning in favor of something permanent? If you are not a recluse there are basically two outlets: monasteries and taverns. In a monastery your guideline is the search for your soul. In a tavern you have no guideline and you plunge into the mystique of your vegetative life.
  19. Baliak the aphorist said 'the aphorism is a short tapdance to the rhythm of the soul.' As the soul's rhythms are everchanging, we don't stop tapdancing.
  20. You don't force people to be peaceful; You leave them in peace, meaning you don't look for excuses to attack them.

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