Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Oh people, people, when the giant's eye
    Pierces me, and the miracle is over.


  2. Each motivation has to stand on two feet: hope, acceptance.
  3. Don't wait - neither for death nor for the return of youth.
    Attitude (The Curse of Pondering)
  4. Baudelaire's poem about a sterile woman starts: "I'm beautiful, oh mortals, like a flower of stone." Fruitless pondering is like letting stones grow roots in you; a parody of life.
  5. The shark has to swim in order to breathe -- not to think about swimming.
  6. This planet is too small for me -- said the eagle and flew toward the cage. When, in the real world, all is denied, what remains is limitless.
  7. With bile and thought, you won't start the motor.
  8. No planet to explore
    No soul to communicate
    No ocean to dive into
    Eternity of void where existence mirrors non-existence, noneness mirrors oneness.


  9. Life is a rosary of five minute beads.
  10. Choose the company of the living before being relegated into the company of the dead.


  11. 'In the Beginning was the Word'
    You don't have to be God to create a world from a word. The word has its own magic, meaning a notion creates its own reality, at least in our minds; enough to shape our existence around it.


  12. Maybe in the world of matter/energy, of which essence we know nothing, there is a place for 'spirit.'


  13. Garbage or diamond -- we all share the same beautiful Earth.

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