Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Moored to the tip of reality, I await you, to receive nothingness from your hands


  2. You live in space, which will not touch you, unless you touch something in it. Time is nitric acid eroding the surface of your existence.


  3. Like a bird with no concept of the air it flies in, like a fish with no concept of the water it swims in, the artist's vision and hand have to feel at ease wherever his will or chance moves his stroke.
  4. The creator excavates diamonds or swims in patterns. I'm my own planet, my own aquarium in which I swim in patterns.


  5. There is no evil -- there is absence, there is no death -- there is absence.
  6. Seeker -- you'll find nothing that doesn't already exist.
  7. No matter how smart you are you can't rise above existence. The mystics tried it, the philosophers tried to understand it ... In the picture of reality all they found was uniformity of the canvas, and courage (meaning existence) as a topic.


  8. In partnership with my body, which constantly claims exhaustion, my spirit, which struggles with the void, and my unquiet mind that looks for a way to hold them together, poor me remains lost in the eternal instant which is all I know about. My life has stopped; it runs on momentum. Thus I join eternity.
  9. Seeking refuge from hurricanes and tornadoes in an imaginary temple I soak my soul and drown in Time
  10. Life and death play cards for me and though I live, I have the impression that death is winning.


  11. If you can remain solitary within the din, as the poet Harasymowicz did, you'll find that the din can nourish with sensations, awaken the spirit and mind, defend against the aggression of aggression, aggression of boredom, aggression of old age and sickness.

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