Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Buddhism says: "Accept your fate." Jungism says: "Accept your fate." Perhaps acceptance means: Stop being your own judge -- just exist. Perhaps accepting without giving up is a discreet form of struggle.
  2. Glide on the surface of life.
    Don't succumb to the abyss of despair
    Remain alert to impressions from nowhere.


  3. It isn't worth it "to be prepared for death." When death approaches, one has to say to himself: "Eh, one more unpleasant thing to come"...


  4. Some life stories may be summed up: Window on a rich interior world vs. window on exterior world full of garbage.


  5. Remember that your present is your future past.


  6. I am like an aquarium fish that doesn't care who watches.
  7. I'm a tree --exposed to all weathers. I bear beautiful fruits without caring who collects them. Nobody fertilizes.
    Old Age
  8. The Romantic Poet Mickiewicz said: "Measure your strength according to intentions and not intentions according to your strength." Aging is when Mickiewicz's advice no longer applies to you.


  9. Perpetual motion? How could space, which has experienced the wind, resonate with it forever? Each instrument needs the contribution of skill and energy; otherwise it joins the great silence.
  10. People always think that things happen between them and the world and it's always a dead end between them and them.

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