Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Don't let the small things hide the unattainable from your sight; you need a wider scope of non-regard.


  2. Introduce yourself to the world and not the world to yourself.
  3. Don't push existence into non-existence. Don't create a living drama at the stratum of non-life.


  4. Buy me a ticket for life
    So that I live before I die.
  5. The blind with his blindness, the deaf with his deafness, the dying one with his agony -- everybody has to live somehow.


  6. Dance: illustration of what's going on inside. When the interior is exteriorized it remains beyond understanding which, itself, is a tool to handle exterior reality.


  7. God enters his creation and the creation enters God. So, God contributes to his own growth.


  8. The basic difference between spiritual and materialistic concepts: Spirituality teaches you to free your interior potential. Materialism teaches that there is no interior; we're all a configuration of the external universe, a whirlpool on the surface of the ocean.
  9. First, words appeared to describe events. Then words became events themselves. Each thing that comes to serve other goals becomes a goal in itself. Is this evolution?
  10. The philosopher in his search for the truth transcends the concept of life and death. For the lover of life there is no place for logic or objectivity; if one molecule of life remains confronting the overwhelming reality of death, even this one remaining molecule must continue its challenging struggle toward life.


    Inverted Monk
  11. Melancholy
    I'm the companion of my heartbeat, of my breath... I chant with them.


  12. Courage has fangs that bite the possessor.
  13. The difference between O and <><> is that in the latter the symbol of infinity is divided in two equal parts, the order of relationship determining action.
  14. Paradox -- don't let yourself be smashed by your superiority
  15. The Big Bang within eternal recurrence -- eternity leaves space-time for other eternities.

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