Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. My world doesn't invite, doesn't reject. I go somewhere/nowhere, maybe looking for the bridge to the real world. My world has an inconspicuous extinguished beauty -- is it Hades?
  2. With your fingertips, brush the edges of pages of miracles.


  3. You have to choose your way before it throws itself at you with all its crushing weight.
  4. Attitude, tactics -- what happens between yourself and yourself.
    Action-- what happens between you and the world.
  5. Courage is like an unloved mother toward which we still direct ourselves for help.
  6. What acts in you should be smooth enough to be accepted and rough enough to be felt.
  7. Action colors your relationship to the world. So action is more important than attitude unless you want to spend the major part of your existence on masturbation.


  8. Life -- such unequal opportunities and such equal fear of death.


  9. What is existence? What is what exists? Energy/matter -- what is this content of two forms? The combination of form and content gives unending diversity. Content becomes form, form -- content, and the Creator hides deeper and deeper. Finally nothing remains but triviality that we call "good" or "bad."


  10. What enters into your subconscious reemerges as part of your structure.
  11. Because the unexpected is uncontrollable, your subconscious is your valid companion on the road.
  12. Any 'magic' is an aspect of your subconscious, a sign that you greatly though unknowingly, form your own reality.


  13. I am a picture in a too narrow frame and only a receptor of the call from an oceanic country to which I have no direct access..


  14. I don't want help that lasts only a lifetime (meaning, I want the feeling of eternity within me).
  15. The poet Harasymowicz teaches how to be alone within the noise (he called it weaving a bag of miracles). Noise nourishes with sensations, wakes up mind and body, defends against aggression of boredom, aging, sickness...

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