Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. I walked with my day and it fell to the ground. The day was long and it believed the time might have come for it to die. Somebody helped me to put the day back on its feet; I believe it was eternity as it advised the day not to measure existence with the time.


  2. As in computer all is programmed on 0-1 relationship, in life all is based on life-death relationship. In life, an extra notion is added, attitude, which 'colors' the life-death relationship. Attitude is an expression of struggle and all struggle resists defeat -- the antechamber of 0 = death. The struggle is not always to win but always for the sake of dignity.
  3. If you have no vision about your life, then, armed with your courage, imagine that it will be so forever and stop thinking about it, stop thinking. When you stop thinking, then like a newborn coming from nothingness you begin existence from scratch and link yourself with the essence or the nothingness of the universe. In one way or the other, you'll not escape.


  4. Be valiant, be alert
    Hold your posture, hold your breath
    Be yourself, be prepared
    For your wedding, with death


  5. How can I understand life when I didn't make it, it made me?


  6. Each moment is a piece of the mosaic; the present piece is heavier than the mountain left behind.


  7. Don't look for something that doesn't overwhelm your sight; you'll only chase it away.
  8. Art starts where the questions and answers end -- we are just 'in' and nothing can be added or taken out -- perhaps because the scope is too big. We can't 'grasp it' we only can be part of the flow.


  9. 'The little man inside cannot observe himself.' We can observe ourselves 'by proxy' through dreams, action...
  10. I give from myself not only what I see but also the one who sees; therefore I'll never be able to grasp myself -- Niels Bohr declared this.
  11. Consciousness = feedback to stimuli. Things we are used to remain imperceptible to the point of non-awareness. We each react differently to the same stimuli because we're different tuning forks. A spontaneous, all encompassing perception, which usually comes by surprise, opens the gate for the authentic reality 'stalking' behind.


  12. The relationship among/between things is the core of their reality.
  13. In eternal recurrence the past is the only dynamic reality for our minds
  14. You can't envision totality; you can't be simultaneously sighted and blind.


  15. Karma: Carrying a pot that is either empty or with flowers planted by others.


  16. "And if the sun came back to me" -- Louis Soutter. Meaning: Where is a crumb of happiness that no devil could grab away.
  17. Big Bang -- Creates consequences we call order.
    Big Crunch -- Return to an explosive disorder

  18. Wherever it's hill, it's hill
    Wherever it's hole, it's hole
    Whatever is the next step
    It will be nothing but that
    What is -- and nothing more.
  19. I'm holding the thread
    The past is not dead
  20. Condition does not change essence, the ship aground will not root to become a tree.

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