Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. The monarch butterfly devours space leisurely, ignoring time.
  2. Don't be a slave to duty; prepare yourself for the dutiless eternity of death.
  3. Nature doesn't give you a goal, nature gives you tools. Nature doesn't give you knowledge; instinct is a tool imitating knowledge.


  4. I'm not afraid of death, only of any resurrection.
  5. Castaneda's warrior dance -- to serve dying time to the last moment.


  6. Life is like God; enter into war with it and you lose.
  7. The principle of life is the pleasure of life, not the search for the sense of life. Do you look for sense in sex, in drink, in food? No. You look for pleasure. Limitless pleasure? No. Let your instinct tell you when it's enough. Life is simultaneously your servant and your boss. This is what your life forbids you: to be preoccupied whatever your reasons may be, justified or not. Life orders you to transcend what you have no power to control. Life -- your boss -- says: let me take care of it.


  8. Life and death have no age.
  9. Each moment represents itself; therefore we don't feel the flow of Time.


  10. Remember you don't paint in order to make nice pictures but in order to make pleasure for yourself. (Renoir answered a teacher who reproached him for having fun, "If I didn't have fun I wouldn't paint.")


  11. Why is piety a virtue and disbelief a sin? Because we need hope and help.


  12. The mirror reflects the truth because the mirror is indifferent. The mirror never gets tired of reflecting.


  13. Consciousness inhabits time and encounters space through the senses. We perceive three-dimensional space with five senses through vibrations. Time and space don't vibrate. Consciousness doesn't perceive vibrations but space itself.


  14. Where there is no consciousness each moment is eternity.
  15. There is nothing besides this tiny meteorite under your feet and what is growing on it. Take care of this plant that ensures your survival and avoid looking into the cosmic void around you. Nietzsche said, if you look at the abyss, the abyss looks at you. Voltaire said, above all, cultivate your garden.


  16. On my desert wander ghosts; I, man of action, have to carry desert on my shoulders like Atlas carries the globe. Its inhabitants, are 'evanescent - unconceived', meta-realities who complain: 'why are we here?!'
  17. Transcend mediocrity through the transcendental rejection called courage.
  18. 'Nice life' or nice way toward death? Nice way, maybe in sum, not in details. Lost in a labyrinth built from nothingness, I wander in dreams through imaginary landscapes and cities. My dreams don't reveal to me where I am heading. Is this my own version of Castaneda's warrior's dance?
  19. My pond is constricting, the shores are inscrutable and death is everywhere.
  20. What I like I lose. What I dislike I can keep if I fight hard enough.
  21. The 'Truth' appears from inside. If it appears from outside -- where did it come from? Only from inside me. Between both dimensions there is a quantum leap.
    Old Age
  22. Old age: when women become planets, and love is expressed like planetary gravity - at a distance. Buddhism's 'western paradise' expresses this condition in which people reincarnate as planets.


  23. A stone falling to the bottom doesn't ask questions.
  24. In 'the land of living skies' (Saskatchewan) I had a dialogue with the sky which spoke to me the language of clouds. Their shapes were like dance without melody, music for the eyes. The sky seems to enjoy the spectator; it would be impossible for such grandeur to exist only for itself. The spirits would be absent. The sky and I unite our solitudes to draw the spirits out of noneness. Sky, spirits and I, we rise to heaven.
  25. Eagle's wings, butterfly's wings, all in a cage.

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