Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. I am stone and I let myself be brushed by the zephyr of time. Instant and infinity are one for me.
  2. Clown? Mad? Saint? Anyway, somebody immortal.


  3. Holy Grail -- quest from here to eternity. Even if there is no God behave as if God exists, if there are no miracles behave as if they existed. Make believe that all you would like to be is real, this gives you the courage to die.
  4. Don't be too lucid, otherwise it's as if you hold your hair with one hand and with the other you punch your own snout.
  5. Don't accord importance to lady existence; she doesn't accord it to you.
  6. The zebra escaping the lion doesn't complain about Karma.
  7. It doesn't matter who you are. It only matters that you are not a loser.
  8. You cannot be ready for thought without a topic but you can be ready to act, in form of alertness, without a topic. "Alertness": another form of "detachment"
  9. Is there action without interaction? Is a masturbator a man of action?


  10. Castaneda's warrior's dance: Don't stop, even in face of death -- a fish in the bear's snout continues to wiggle.
  11. There is nothing more stupid than death but she is more powerful than you, so to confront her you must be just as stupid.


  12. Life is like an artichoke -- you lose it petal by petal.


  13. Time is present for us only in the immediate moment which, in turn, by its very presence denies the existence of time. All this complexity makes it impossible for the mind to grasp existence. There is a 'quantum leap' between being conscious and consciousness of what is consciousness.
  14. Time is symbol, time is tangible. If I wound my finger I also wound my time. Time personalises, becomes a tuning fork of your condition; injured finger, deceived love...
  15. You have no time? Don't worry, time will never miss you.


  16. Only music informs that there is another form of distant communication than exchange of ideas. Abstract art tries to communicate without defined content but abstract art is relatively new; music has always existed.


  17. Through our senses we look beneath the sensorial.
  18. An obsessive preoccupation with justice is in compensation for a lack of parental affection during childhood. We look for the "cruel world" to adopt us, to replace parents, and we're deceived when we don't get it.
  19. Music is not only what you hear, as painting is not only what you see. Sight, vision are only tools. At the philosophical level, in all disciplines, unity reigns.


  20. The other day I encountered my life. I asked: "Where have you been all this time?" It answered: "Me -- in suspended animation, you -- in Golgotha. But now that we've met, let's exult. We've both reached nothing, but this nothing is ours. We, 'the most humble and the most noble (Mexican)'".
  21. Looking forward: no goal, black hole.
    Looking backwards: strolls
    In a thicket of ephemeral goals
  22. You can be the light of the universe and still, in your best interests, be dwarfed by some tiny creature who enters your life. Egocentrics, too big for themselves, choke under themselves. Narcissus can only be a picture of himself.
  23. Nobody can be his own habitat; the fish cannot become its own lake.
  24. You can possess a palace, a planet and still not come out of yourself.
  25. Boredom: A bouquet of living instants laid on the altar of nothingness.
  26. Empathy: Love in which you're not part of equation
  27. You don't see your fate, but your fate sees you; you won't escape the transparent walls of destiny.
    Old Age
  28. Old age: when life converts into a waiting room.
  29. Old age: When intelligence is less important than courage.
  30. Old age: When life and death cohabit in you on equal terms and you have to negotiate with both
  31. Old age: When time starts to look at its watch.
    Inverted Hermit
  32. Who are you?
    A deserter.
    From what?
    I don't know.
  33. Black humor:
    My existence: An abyss with worms that eat my living body. After my death they wont eat me -- not because of my 'state of Buddhahood' but because too bitter.


  34. Each goal exists for itself in its original crudity. Opposites create the mosaic of existence.
  35. Consciousness 'inhabits' time and 'travels' in space.
  36. As a deaf person lives in a subculture that eliminates 'playing' with sound, the prisoner lives in a subculture that eliminates 'playing' with time.
  37. Things I like lose their importance in relation to my own loss of importance.
  38. 'Vagabond': My garden in cyberspace. Visitors are like wind in the solitude. Something will remain dispersed, with the note: 'author unknown.'

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