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  1. Hell means no action and no setting -- only a mirror.


  2. I had to pay, with death, for my initiation to life.


  3. Time advances constantly but may bring with it the same old stuff. Like an ocean wave which beats against the shore is constantly different but the log that floats back and forth is the same.
  4. The thread that links your destiny -- past, present, future -- eliminates the necessity to differentiate between time and space. The reality of this thread is evident at each step of your existence; it is your existence. This thread is also your chain if you spin it yourself and your fuel if you are too busy to notice it.


  5. Contrary to people working in other fields, the artist works first to satisfy himself. Only then, directly or not, he may or may not satisfy others. And if he reverses the order and tries first to satisfy others, he is not an artist anymore. In the best of cases he becomes Mr./ Ms Kitsch.
  6. The difference between art and kitsch is the same as between exploration and exploitation.
  7. Poetry is the music of language, so poetry, like music, doesn't need constructed thought.
  8. In praise of Bach (world's shortest eulogy)
  9. Art can never be understood because at the moment I begin to "feel" I cease to "understand."
  10. Humility: to know how to draw the line between what you do and what comes without your control; 'you' being just a pathway. Bliss begins when the pathway opens into the magic mirror where the difference between the subject and its reflection is abolished.


  11. Objective truth? -- a chaotic cocktail of an infinity of subjective truths. There is no unity called 'objective truth.'
  12. The only way to face others is by facing yourself. This means that you have to face others through a natural barrier, meaning you.
  13. Why do we dream dreams which apparently have nothing to do with us? Because we are like a Tinguely sculpture, a functioning conglomeration of 'junk.' Such is the gist of our psyche -- not "inside-out" but "outside-in."


  14. This virtual image we call the 'sense of life' ...
  15. Looking backwards we see pattern which we confound with "meaning."
  16. You ponder the meaning of each moment in a meaningless universe.


  17. I don't cause the city I cross to move.
  18. I collect tidbits that show up in my brain and then I can proceed into a broader vision and learn something from myself.
  19. I am sitting in a cafe. I look at the people around me and I am inspired by them: I play the game of existence.


  20. History rolls on pretexts; the principal reasons remain hidden.
  21. While the objective regard may be charged with objective truth, the subjective regard sometimes works miracles.
  22. When you cannot enjoy things, consider them inevitable, part of your landscape.
    Through the force of gravity I am falling toward where I am. Will I be everywhere and forever like a stone?
    Between us and a place, love develops when the place is witness to our accomplishments. Or it may be sudden love, promise of accomplishments, Shangri-La. The latter is more rarely encountered, like all great loves and great achievements. Happening, realization, illumination -- it is like touching a rainbow with the tip of your fingers.
  23. Adventure: what colours your life. Without it your life is a white canvas.
  24. The world will be just as you see it. The world will be worth what you are worth. 'World' is an abstraction, you are concrete. It has the color of your glasses.
  25. Magic always inhabits the door next to the one you are knocking at and will find you only when you stop searching for it.
  26. If you are eight or 80 you await the same thing: a miracle.
  27. The most useless pages of history were written with an ocean of blood.
  28. All our life we get the message
    that our life is more important than we are
    But once we realise that undoubtedly
    we are more important than our life is
    then we might take our own side
    -- even against life.

  29. Pattern is, in matter and in act, a supreme sense in itself as we see in dance. Pattern is life, essence, "spirit."
  30. Everything psychosomatic has its base in exterior reality. Even sickness has to be taught.
  31. The aquarium doesn't care if its suspended in the cosmos or standing on a table. Each aquarium is a world to itself while the sum of them is "we." Our functioning requires that those aquariums don't bump into each other, but rather participate in a harmonious collective ballet. Your 'today' is a separate aquarium; you cannot mix it with your memories -- your aquarium of yesterday. Aquarium(s): model of the universe.
  32. No friends? Time to begin a friendship with yourself. Or even better -- with particular parts of you. Your heart in pain, your brain, your stomach, your soul in pain ...
  33. Don't believe in the intrinsic value of martyrdom: when you fall it's more probable that you will break your neck than grow wings.
  34. Evolution sculpts masterpieces in the living flesh of perishable creatures.
  35. I challenge the idea that perfect repetition cannot exist; even the slightest change has to be preceded by the slightest anterior change. Nothing is gratuitous.
  36. Should the blind rejoice because there is light for somebody else's eyes? Should you rejoice that fun exists even if it isn't yours? Who are Y O U anyway?!
  37. You can only wake up with your own memories, wrapped in your own skin, and only your desires can surpass you. And you remain with yourself for the rest of your life.
  38. Justice has two faces: a smile for the winner, a snarl for the loser.
  39. Justice is not a lady who fights her own battles.

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