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  1. Samsara?
    View from outside:
    Here is she -- a living statue of glory, and the living world follows its own paths while the cosmos turns and expands, and me, here and there, building sand structures.

    View from inside:
    Fighting lethargy, fighting for survival, accepting the outcome with courage, with gaze turned toward the statue of glory. Lucky those who take her as a source for life while I take her for the sake of courage to die. Is there anything in life between building sand structures and courage to die? There are those who say yes.

    There are creatures that are symbols. You are a symbol of you, bigger than yourself. It may be expressed in your efforts; it may be in your potential...


  2. His life was so insignificant that the only notable event was his death.


  3. When you're a child you feel that you're invited to life. When you grow up, you realize that you were drafted.
  4. 'Spiritual' is born of igniting circumstances which reflect themselves in mirror -- me. The fire on sinking boats = us. How to find the sense in all of this? You can if you want, but you don't have to. Your life can make its program for you through your obligations while freedom from duty can make you a lost soul. Life in itself has no substance; it's a mold to be shaped either by you or your circumstances.


  5. The painting is finished when the details which hadn't played a role until now -- either because they didn't exist or weren't visible -- appear and play their own part within the ensemble.


  6. Me: My little personal god, you have no power but you are my friend
    My little personal god: Then be like me; be your own friend
  7. Buddhism's wider picture means objectivity; then, in the state of Buddhahood, your consciousness blows like wind in a void, never stopping because there is nothing to halt it except the negative. Then what still holds you down here? Gravity, expressed solely through empathy, that's how you become the conscience of the world.

    Thus speaks Bodhisattva: I am the consciousness of the universe, the universe is my eternity and eternity is an instant.


  8. Reality changes. Changing means moving. So, you have to move to keep up with it. Or, let's look at it differently; maybe it isn't moving -- you just get tired of it. In this case, remaining detached saves your energy and you remain attached indirectly, having better perception from a distance.


  9. You don't perceive the limits of your fate because its walls are transparent.

  10. Inspirations: raw material from which you shape your desires.


  11. Would you appreciate the light at the end of the tunnel without the tunnel?

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