Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. The way
    On my way sometimes I walk, I stop, or lie down. The way like a tapeworm, on the way temples like imaginary stations; this was my eternity. If destiny puts subject matter on my way, I accomplish what I can. Otherwise I remain a prisoner of my empty way.


  2. Attitude first = Buddhism
    If you have nothing, accept attitude as a crucial part of nothingness.
  3. You're nothing but a beast of burden to carry prince-pride Who are you mysterious pride more important than victory?
  4. I have seen babies display pride. Then, pride/courage must be more archaic than wisdom, transcending wisdom, transcending life, as people are able to sacrifice life for pride's sake. Pride/courage resides at some mysterious universal core.
  5. Don't burden your heart when your mind is empty.
  6. You have no backbone -- let that be your backbone. you have no goal -- let that be your goal
  7. Your self may be a greater burden for you than the globe on Atlas
  8. Be playful, 'silly boy'; that's the rule of life, even if you shed tears of blood.


  9. Each fear is fear of death; if it isn't recognized as such at first sight it's because the death stalks at the end of the line.


  10. We don't have time, time has us.


  11. In art I don't like to anticipate because I like to be a tourist who discovers with a fresh eye where my subconscious has led me.


  12. When I was immortal I didn't worry about wasting my time
  13. I received myself in an unsolicited inheritance and I share myself with those interested.


  14. What's the difference between the weak and the strong? The weak one avoids problems, the strong one creates them through will, indifference or stupidity, and resolves them through force.
  15. For those who have too many options, prison may be a liberating option.
  16. It doesn't matter who you are only how you fit in your original swamp. If you don't fit you become a judge, a beggar at the gates of life who, instead of living in the world, puts the world on trial.
  17. The most painful existence is awareness of the unattainable. ('the evanescent unconceived' of Lesmian).
  18. Matters of the heart and brain are not necessarily resolved by heart and brain; something else, essential, impalpable, enters into the account, and we don't have a clue what it is because it is closer to our fabric than heart and brain.
  19. Before your impassive eyes, a display of individuals -- one of them happens to be you. You can judge, not transform them.
  20. Eternal recurrence = back in business. Three eternities: time, space, happening. Happening is the palpable universal game that repeats itself.

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