Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. You were not born in the dust to count grains of dust
  2. Don't take a universal pose; the tree doesn't grow for the sake of the landscape.

  3. In one of Goethe's stories, an old man is absorbed in his writing when somebody comes to tell him that his son has died. The old man freezes for a moment, then, with the words "work above death", returns to his writing. The old man in Goethe's tale knew that when you look back you perceive not what you thought or felt but what you have done. For youth life is adventure. What comes later? Is there life between adventure and Alzheimer's? According to Goethe there is, in fulfilling your duty. The notion of happiness-unhappiness becomes irrelevant. What you can do is what counts.

  4. What does it serve to conquer mountain peaks if there is nothing but wind blowing in the emptiness? Perhaps to know the taste of struggle along the way.


  5. Life is like a baby: hard to control, easy to damage.
  6. Daily life: mosaic composed of little pieces.


  7. The essential difference between art and craft, art and science; in art I don't want to know what I have to do, I want to discover what I have done.


  8. - Hello, new day -- am I your master or your prisoner, your guest or exiled into you?
    - If you knew yourself, you wouldn't need to ask such questions.

  9. Scales of values
    You were born and you live for life. Then you develop and you live for a body, then for nostalgias and bliss. I passed galaxies of my existence in a quest for nostalgias and bliss. I completed the odyssey and returned to life, body and thought without reacbing nostalgias and bliss. I didn't complete the cycle.

  10. Some are born for sweet delight
    Some are born for endless night
    (William Blake)
    Justice is abstract, while in the concrete reigns the momentum of a self perpetuating situation, the antithesis of justice; one is rewarded for being rewarded and punished for being punished. You are "rewarded" for what you "deserve" and you "deserve" what you are (and vice-versa). This is the justice we experience.

  11. Window -- imprisoned infinity.

  12. If you achieve peace with your body, the rest of you achieves cosmic equilibrium.
  13. If you reduced interhuman relationships to a relationship between bodies, how much more simple they would be!
  14. "Personality" is nothing but body language.

    Old Age
  15. Old age -- when new elements take the side of enemies.


  16. What kind of a spider spins -- what kind of web -- without support?
  17. We measure history in terms of events, not in the physical terms of time and space. In art we express History in symbols, thus introducing it into time and space.

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