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  1. To those without a goal, the path is a goal.
  2. The goal crafts its tool; not 'a thought' but 'a thought of what' not 'a force' but 'a force for what.'


  3. - What's the difference between the prisoner and many free people?
    - The prisoner has no path, no goal. Many in freedom have a path with no goal.


  4. Life: The only way for matter to escape eternity.
  5. Life: When nature takes a break from its usual noninvolvement.
  6. Life is spectacle, relationship is spectacle. It's essential not to play the fool's role.


  7. In the dimension of time you pass to another country even if in space you don't move. You are different so you are entitled to throw yourself into your own arms and shout: "Where am I and what am I doing here?!" -- This isn't me and there is nothing here for me!"


  8. Each truth has its opposite that is also truth, depending on circumstances.


  9. I am a mass, a shape, a recipient of strange humours coming from outside, such as: "joy", "displeasure", "despair", "satisfaction", "inquietude" ... Normally they should come from within but I am burned out and only the pores remain to absorb those strange winds from nowhere.
  10. 'When you look at abyss, abyss looks at you' - Nietzsche.
    From goal to goal I jump over the abyss. Goal is my motor and my steering wheel, my meaning in life, the platform keeping me afloat over the abyss. To have no goal and not to suffer, I have to be asleep or drunk.
  11. Me to myself: 'Colleague, stick with me until the last moment. Together we'll be stronger.'

  12. Paradise: Ocean filled with vessels communicating through love.
  13. Hell: Condition worse than Adam's; away from paradise and without Eve.
  14. Surrealism: When the brain takes a break from its customary logic.


  15. Wherever it's hill, it's hill
    Wherever it's hole, it's hole
    Whatever is the next step,
    it will be nothing but that
    which is -- and nothing more.
  16. Tale of a wandering meteorite

    I can tell you a long story
    of how the universe was born
    and how nothing has happened since
  17. Time is the same, space is the same, the pot is the same, the flowers are different. The perishable flowers are more significant than permanence which contains them, in contradiction to #44 (Attitude).
  18. In my mind's meandering, I don't know why I recalled an old TV interview with Charles Manson. He showed up for the interview with a swastika on his forehead. He explained that he doesn't feel lonely in his cell, because he is fascinated watching, through his barred windows, the lizards passing on the opposite wall. He spoke with disdain about his judges and jailers who, from their position of power, are unable to be struck by a simple view of nature.

    When you must remain passive, when you don't hold the reigns, you are not actor but reactor and you observe the lizards on the wall. I think that he made a mistake in speaking about lizards. This stupid guy with a swastika on his head -- why? I never heard of him being a Nazi, maybe he belongs to some Hindu sect or he just wanted to provoke, as he has all his life. All he could have achieved was to alert somebody to liquidate the lizards and eliminate his only remaining source of pleasure. I don't care about him, only about those poor innocent lizards paying the bill.

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