Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


  1. Transcending the cosmos (Inspired by 16th century woodcut connected to the vision of Nicolas of Cusa)

    My weakness is my strength, my yielding to inertia becomes my courage to do everything and I bathe in the light that reveals me to myself. And I kneel humbly before my body; my immediate comfort is my reward and my appearance is my verdict. Altogether, my two dimensional infinite picture becomes my three dimensional cocoon -- the cosmos to break through.


  2. In a helpless situation there is no difference between attitude and pose; one is undistinguishable from another. In a helpless situation the right attitude should be named 'Great Absence'. Was it Margaret Mead who said that on his death bed her father tried to think about something else?
  3. Stretch your mind like canvas on a stretcher.

  4. In pure action there is no place for niceties like "attitude" and "pose." Thought, in a no-action situation, is our ultimate home, and ultimate trap.


  5. The advantage of being dead: you wont be bored stiff.


  6. To live = to taste yourself. Depending on your feelings, your 'plate' is delicious or unbearable.
  7. To live and to die is not easy.


  8. Eternal recurrence: time manifests itself not in events, which are eternal, but in the sequences which interrupt them.
  9. Time and space are perspectives; time = conceptual, space = sensorial.
  10. Space gave me nothing, time gave me a scream.
  11. Time -- ultimate environment; if there is nothing to dwell or concentrate on, time becomes the only food for thought, invasion of nothingness. You may or may not react by developing your own mental secretion.


  12. Painting: blend of relationships that lead to the unexpected. It becomes something else without being new, and this discovery is one of the excitements in the creative act.
  13. As the dancer's steps are his reaction to the music, the gesture of the artist's hand is a reaction to what he sees -- marriage of objective and subjective. Objective passive perception becomes subjective active expression.
  14. I react on two sides -- to what I see and to what I do; reaction to reaction.
  15. Don't be attached to your subject, only to your perception of the subject, meaning to yourself.


  16. The subconscious has in common with the conscious that it doesn't escape from logic but submits to logic. Only its source of information is logically unknown.
  17. My brain is like a racehorse, either running or standing bored in the stable.
  18. My present doesn't exist, smashed by the non-existing past.

  19. Evolution: art of adapting to a hell of the non-adapted.

    Old Age
  20. Young is a stalker, old is a beggar -- for one more day.


  21. You cannot unsalt the salt.
  22. Old dreams, like worn out films.
  23. What are you doing, tree? -- I'm performing an act of eternal presence, like ghosts.
  24. We're planets hit by meteorites, some of them part of solar systems, galaxies, while others are exiled, outcasts, errant comets in the void.
  25. There is no 'weakness' only absence of power (0-1). One form of power can mask the absence of another form of power.
  26. Joy for no reason: wisdom of power, mostly the power of youth.
  27. Sickness: when you can't stand yourself, you become a hostile landscape for yourself.

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