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  1. When attaching too much importance to objectivity we forget that we are subjects not objects. We define reality, but we don't fight hard enough for what we want it to be.
  2. Find space for your foot on the ground before the space for your body finds you.

  3. The world creates mechanisms which act on their own according to cause and effect; look for goals first in yourself, then in the world.


  4. Don't be a slave to your duties; prepare yourself for the dutiless eternity of death.


  5. Life is feeling not meaning. When you feel that life is full, there is neither time nor disposition for futile questions about the 'meaning of life.'
  6. Life's summing up: What counts most? You can only judge the extent of your struggle -- that counts more than what you harvest, because the harvest only partially depends on you. If you reach a point where you cannot fight anymore (physical or moral confinement, sickness, age), then Castaneda's last warrior dance remains as the apotheosis of your life, always a battle of ultimate defeat.


  7. Fear makes time run fast, hunger makes it run slowly. When not filled with content, time doesn't count because it stops being part of the equation.


  8. The difference between light and color: when you look directly into the lightstream its power goes beyond visual perception and creates pain. But if instead you follow the stream of light, you perceive light as a color. The same difference in perception may apply to 'consciousness' and 'ideas.' In moments of stress the event hits you directly; acute consciousness occurs when you not only perceive but react. But when you follow a path of thought, you experience a consciousness more subdued and more functional.
  9. A glimpse perceives totality. Creativity nests in the quantum leap.
  10. There is a mysterious gap between existence and non-existence. The former manifests itself not by quantity or quality but by a "presence." Quantity, quality may be analysed. Presence is intuitive, escaping analysis. In the creative act, presence is the only criteria of achievement. We perceive it as achievement when various "presences" do not collide.
  11. I write what I think; I depict reality. I paint what I feel; I materialise the spirit
  12. The introverted creator is stalker and ruminant, spider and cow simultaneously. He stalks over subjects like a spider and ruminates them like a cow. The introverted creator doesn't need to travel a lot; stalking and ruminating need limited territory.
  13. Loner in a void; when there isn't much outside, I dig inward and excavate a few diamonds.


  14. It's important, not what you remember but what you feel, and not through your spirit but through your body. "Spirit" is nothing but one expression of the body. And what is the "body?" Besides what you feel, you know nothing about it. And what you learn about it is only words.
  15. The present is always a reaction to the past, for a baby as well as for an elder, whether in seconds or decades.
  16. While the tree of knowledge offers you free choice with no certainty about right or wrong, intuition leads you directly to the right solution. When you ponder sustained by your knowledge, try to keep your "third eye" open on mysterious intuition.


  17. -- What is energy?
    -- Energy is direction
    -- Direction of what?
    -- Of matter (spin of the particle).
    -- And what is matter?
    -- ?????
  18. Repetition: spacial-temporal equivalent of a tri-dimensional structure. Continuing direction: spacial-temporal equivalent of a two-dimensional structure. Immobility: spacial-temporal equivalent of a one-dimensional structure.
  19. What is this universal platform creating all, characterised by complete indifference toward its creation? It's called eternity and only unconsciousness is the generator of this indifference.
  20. Zen master Hui Neng (ADVII-VIII) said that "...the True-Nature is without birth or death, without going and coming." Isn't it a perfect definition of the material universe. Would Zen be materialism which ignores itself?


  21. Hello -- I'm your neighbour, we share the same planet.
    What are you doing? -- bearing my share of absurdity.
    Who are you with? -- Arm in arm with my (unfriendly) persona.
    Who are you? -- I'm a machine, my own machine, meaning my own manager.
    What's next? -- to screw up what's not screwed up yet -- the rest of life.
  22. Like all loners I have one friend and one enemy, both in one person.
  23. I don't like the world but I serve it.
  24. Before the world buries me
    I have buried myself
    in oblivion.


  25. The fire is consumed and the sense of life reduced to ashes. Now on the debris a new meaning has to be built, like on a worn out planet.
  26. Even if everything can be expressed in numbers, as the Ultimate Theory predicts, thought in numbers will never produce a thought, as the number of a taste will not produce a taste.

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