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  1. Your struggle will never abandon you. It's your wife, your lover, it's not your god, it wont impose on you, it will go away when you don't want it and will come back like the moon in the firmament. It will endorse your defeat and will be with you at the moment of your death.

    Way of the Samurai
  2. The samurai knows the ultimate wisdom of action. Helpless thought may be paralyzing; helpless action may be unsuccessful but never paralyzing.


  3. We fall into death like a spring into a lake.
  4. Death: the solitude we don't feel.


  5. Each object sends out an infinity of impressions, but the hand can only render one at a time on the canvas.


  6. God! To whom do you pray? Don't you find it lonely to be so much over everybody?


  7. We are all within the same reality -- and the fabric of newborns is essentially the same. So everybody reacts/absorbs reality in the same way. Differences appear that shape personalities and alter the 'wholeness' of universal perception. Only in the moment of enlightenment, through the 'holes' of one's personality, one can perceive the universal original sky. Still, personality is here to stay because it plays an important filtration role; 'my' original sky will be not 'your' original sky; we recognize ourselves and understand each other in them.
  8. Various senses transmit various messages to the brain which sums them up and draws its own conclusions -- harmony-disharmony
  9. Intuition: when natural order appears and transcends obstacles which impede a vision of what exists. Intuition is always the window on the past in which you foresee the future.


  10. Migraine: I inhabit the cell of my eyes and from the top of the tower I look out at the world. Silence and pain accompany me. Time stands guard.
  11. I am on the rock -- nearby runs the stream of life.
  12. I live with a corpse on my shoulder: my bad memories.

  13. Whatever you do, it's matter acting on matter, so a definition of 'spirit' cannot go beyond matter.
  14. Spirit isn't the supreme master but the supreme servant -- of what? -- of matter. In the middle of the deadly desert or the heat of battle it's spirit that fights on behalf of matter.
  15. To embellish nothingness, we call it 'spirit' but we don't know spirit that draws its glory other than through matter.
  16. Nothing is more important for the spirit than matter; only through matter can the spirit manifest its existence.


  17. What are you waiting for? For a visit from my thoughts.
  18. Whatever you do you are brushing against ungraspable reality; in extreme action you repel it, in mediocrity you ignore it.
  19. Escaping on the stilts of activity from the goddess of boredom.
  20. The brain has no goals. The heart has goals "and the stones of my heart are silent" (unknown poet).
  21. Remember that the 'you' from yesterday is not the same as 'you' of today and if you don't look back you wont notice that you're worse than yesterday and better than you'll be tomorrow. You'll win when you compare yourself only to yourself in the present moment.
  22. Existence is the story written on the page of your fate. Don't be judgmental toward the pages which oppress you or ignore you; whether beautiful or ugly, meaningful or meaningless, they have one thing in common: they couldn't care less what you think of them.
  23. Life -- I gave you eternity which I don't have.
  24. Thought is music of mind, poetry is its rhythm.

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