Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. WM


    Way of the Samurai
  1. Winning/losing is irrelevant; the mystique of the struggle is the ultimate meaning.


  2. When I write I'm a painter, when I paint I'm a musician.


  3. Reaction without action will be creation caused by will; divine creation.


  4. Beauty and non-beauty
    Live from each other and ignore each other.


  5. Don't try to grasp reality in a linear way; consciousness is formed in the pattern of an artichoke.


  6. You don't acquire wisdom, it's always with you. You only lose it.


  7. Pursuing the future
    that didn't belong to me
    I ended face to face
    with the past that pursued me.
  8. The interior is furnished -- I dress the naked external world
  9. I'm as important as the universe. The universe is as unimportant as I am.

  10. I dread the steps
    toward an unappealing world
    toward a crowd without chemistry
    I need to toughen my tender spots
    as I don't know what to expect
    on the other side of the pain

    On this side
    I dance the black waltz
    and I attract the flies
  11. I dream a world of its own
    where things flow like a river
    where colors and forms join the stream
    shape and shapelessness are one.
    Goal is obliterated
    beginning is end and life is death
    sense and nonsense join hands
    because there is nobody to solicit accounts.


  12. Old age: when you lose hope of becoming your own friend.

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