Aphorisms presented in this Compendium were not yet written or not found in time to be included in New Extracts. The chapters appear in the same order as in the New Extracts. Once this Compendium is complete other 'mini-compendiums' may appear. WM


  1. What to do if there is nothing to enjoy and there is no time to be sad? It is analogous to not feeling healthy and having no time to be sick. What remains is struggle.
  2. Oblique glance: if you observe yourself observing.
  3. Accept chaos on a limited level. That's where your personality autographs itself.
  4. You will not find in pain the answer to how to avoid pain.
  5. Be the master of the act -- not the slave of fact.
  6. You are more afraid of your fear than of what provokes it.
  7. In life, as at the steering wheel, we may look at a distant point, but we can act only in the immediate.
  8. When we go from infinity to infinity we go nowhere.
  9. The spider exists when it catches the fly.


    In the first person:
  10. I am my own tombstone.
  11. I am god of a dead universe. The whole world is my cemetery and everything lying around is a fragment of my dead body.
  12. I smiled at my fate and fate slapped my face. I stopped looking for God. He never noticed.
  13. There is no straightening of accounts between me and the world because for the world I don't even exist. I am a newborn old man.
  14. I arrive in a new country/new day. Each of my steps leads to the end of my life -- meaning nowhere.
  15. I go to sleep with my solitude, I wake up with my solitude. And when I die the world will be as solitary without me as it was with me.
  16. You travel to discover that you remain a prisoner of yourself.
  17. When you wait a long time for success, you realise that you are in the process of a long wait for death.
  18. You are so pathetic that even your bad luck gives up on you.
  19. As long as you live, what you owe to yourself is pride. When we have nothing, we have our posture. Posture is our symbol, signature, protest. Everything has posture, everything is posture. Posture is existence, appearance becomes essence. Beauty is spiritual posture.


  20. Hell is when you are dead to somebody who is very much alive for you.


  21. -- What memory will you leave after yourself?
    -- What mark does a stone leave when it's thrown into agitated waters?
  22. By the word "death" we try to make a futile distinction between those who no longer exist and those who never existed.
  23. Each death is an execution.
  24. Advice to the candidate for suicide: kill your past rather than your future.
  25. The only defence against death is to close your eyes.
  26. I look at myself and I realise that I will not last. It's a revelation.
  27. What's the difference between life and death? Life buries some of your memories. Death buries all your memories. So the difference is quantitative?
  28. While dying, for consolation, just imagine that you never existed.
    While dying, remember how many times you were dead before; dead hours of waiting, of despair, of thoughtlessness, of looking toward noneness.
  29. Dialogue between death and dying:
    The dying: I salute you oh my death!
    Death: The garbage bag doesn't need the greetings of the garbage.
  30. Escaping death by escaping from escaping death.
  31. There is nothing more stupid than death but it is stronger than you and you can't but join it, and in order to make it as painless as possible you must first become stupid.
  32. For me the ass is a more honest part of the human than the head because if the head aspires to individuality, asses are basically the same; the moment of truth shows at the time of death when heads and asses unite.
  33. Those who invent Paradise or Hell haven't the courage to admit the eternity of non-existence.
  34. Courage means not to worry when oblivion descends upon you and shadow becomes wall.


  35. As accepting death is difficult, I train myself by trying to accept something as difficult -- life.
  36. To be busy, busy, busy and not know when you die -- that's my dope for life; that's life.
  37. The only lesson of life is survival -- just silly survival.
  38. Perhaps the most important goal of life is precisely -- not to have one. We must have variety of goals which happen to be in the life stream because, where else, but not one precise goal for life itself. The only goal which directly concerns life appears at a moment of danger and then it is life itself.


  39. Future is an abstract, bi-dimensional drawing, an act of passing from the past toward the present which disappears instantly. We are pacing on the surface of an artichoke.
  40. Time doesn't move; we move within it.
  41. Time and space relate to each other through matter. Matter relates to time and space by movement. Movement is the infinite sum of immobilities.

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