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  1. Happiness can reside in the eternal present ("enlightenment?") or in changing situations, in the "lake" and in "stream." Specific fish inhabit both.
  2. One invents happiness as one invents a game.
  3. The wizard portrayed by the Chinese statue smiles because he knows better:
    He acknowledges the good.
    He 'dissolves' the bad when he cannot resolve it.
    He refuses the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

  4. It may be hard to realize that joy and sadness are not perceived by the same detectors. You don't need specific reasons to be joyful or sad, they may be organic states.
  5. Specific reasons for joy would imply specific reasons for existence.


  6. We don't want to know the truth, we want to make the truth.
  7. Truth is like health: we feel its absence, not its presence.


  8. Fate is stupid; it treats important and unimportant matters in the same way.
  9. Fate: what waits for me at the other end of the world and wears my face.
  10. Each situation exists for itself, in an absolute way, independent of our feelings and understanding. Would it help the reflection in the mirror to ponder the fact that it depends on the one reflected? Fate is as indifferent to us as we are indifferent to the fate of our reflection.
  11. Fate means that what has to be already is -- in the country of the future.
  12. Fate governs but no one serves it.
  13. Your destiny is not always the one you seek, but always the one that finds you.


  14. However you look at the world you will not change the world, nor your eyes.
  15. Looking backwards we perceive the story of our limits.
  16. Looking inward cannot broaden, can only choke.
  17. If you look long enough at the empty screen, the picture will appear.

    Old Age

  18. I am already a prisoner of my body and in the near future the rising sun will be my enemy -- a shiny witness of my aging.
  19. You don't have to die to know how it feels to be a ghost -- just go to walk among the young when you are old.
  20. Testosterone and estrogen age before adrenalin. Therefore hate outlives love.
  21. When you are young, you feel that your life is as big as the Universe. So, when you resolve your problems you think you've resolved the problems of the Universe. When you age, you realise that it is not the world that shrinks, only you.
  22. Old age is when you realise that what was will not be and what was not will not be either.
  23. Never too old to die.
  24. If the most an old man can do is to observe himself dying, it is because we are born as orphans into an unforgiving, unmiraculous world.
  25. In painful labour I gave birth to myself -- just before dying.
  26. Aging feels more and more like being led to slaughter, not so much because of approaching death as the locking off of life.
  27. Old age: when the women in your life are replaced by hungry harpies for whom you are only a hook where they hang their fear of solitude.
  28. Old age: no man's land between life and death.
  29. Young: lives. Old: refuses to die.
  30. Youth: great obsessions (passions, passions, passions ...)
    Old age: great illusions (pearly gates, immortality, redemption ...)
  31. Old age: chemistry which fails to sustain life.
  32. Old age: when your skin becomes your prison.
  33. Old age is a death sentence with Time as the executioner.
  34. Changes in the skin: first strokes on death's landscape.
  35. Wrinkles: start of putrefaction.
  36. Another way to ask "how old are you?': 'How much garbage have you accumulated?"
  37. Old age: when you realize that action is no longer for you and knowledge is wasted on you.
  38. We are responsible individuals. We don't age, we make ourselves old. We don't die, we kill ourselves.
  39. Enjoy the pleasures of old age -- as long as you are young.


  40. I once attended a one-woman performance titled "Mask." The actress concluded with a poem called, of course, "Mask." The gist was, "I am an ingenue, a vamp, a suffering soul, a great lady, a low-class woman ... because I am an actress. If you take away my mask you will find -- nothing!"
    The evening left its mark. I continued -- in a minor key -- to dwell upon it:
    The creator manifests himself through his creation. We don't know God, only the world. Is the world 'God's mask?'
    "You're shallow!" -- says the poet to the down-to-earth.
    "You're a dreamer!" -- says the down-to-earth to the poet, and both are right. Remove the mask of banality and illusion from the face of the world and what will remain? Nothing.
    About 2,000 years ago Democritus declared that the world is composed of space and atoms and all the rest is a matter of opinion. Whoever dares to liberate himself from an 'opinion' -- what will he discover? His own void. How many intelligent people have fallen into the abyss because they didn't content themselves with a mask but looked for some 'essence.'
    Democritus himself couldn't afford the luxury of rejecting 'opinions' in spite of their nonsense or triviality. Only through the lie can we discover the truth; through the wrong, the right; through matter, energy; through form, content; through shadow, light. The Absolute can exist only in the ephemeral. The Sacred Fire burns through the small spark and in this way, reveals itself to us.


  41. Dolls are a bridge between external and internal worlds, messengers of secret universes, brothers and sisters of ghosts. The more ancient they are the more you expect them to rise and talk. Sometimes they seem to reign over your fate.

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