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  1. Global content and content in parcels: global content is something bigger than you, an idea for which you are ready to give yourself -- your country, ideology, religion, another person ...

    Content in parcels is finite; your assignments must be consecutive in order to be satisfying.

    The common denominator for content is engagement. Its paroxysm is love.

    Indifferent accident brought us into this world. Indifferent fate guides us through our existence. An indifferent universe surrounds us. Why is it that in this overwhelming ocean of indifference we cannot afford to be indifferent?


  2. Evolution: the suffering of one generation resolving problems for the next (so much for 'justice').
  3. There are states more dynamic than justice. Therefore you have to be strong to support justice. Don't expect justice to support you. Justice is a guideline for your power, not a source of your power.
  4. As justice is symbolized by scales, meaning equilibrium or static situation, and history is dynamic, then there is not much place for justice in history.


  5. If nobody needs us, we don't need ourselves.
  6. In a deep relationship, fabric is more important than exchange of ideas.
  7. Not 'what', but 'who with whom' makes the only notable difference.
  8. The world reflects in my eyes, so I know that the world exists. In which eyes do I reflect so that I may exist?
  9. It doesn't matter who you are. What is important is how much you are needed.
  10. Certain relationships could be summed up as: "Need me or fear me, but don't judge me."
  11. A best friend is at the other end of the gun barrel.
  12. Beware that your guide doesn't become your leader.
  13. When the center of gravity is only in you, your world becomes a minimal sphere with you as its sole inhabitant.
  14. Morality is a venture in which you invest your courage and harvest people's trust.
  15. Non-material things don't diminish when we share them; knowledge, feelings ...
  16. I met people -- watchdogs of the universe.
  17. People are the supports on which we hook our symbols.
  18. Who sows pity harvests disdain.


  19. I woke up and was told "this is life."
    I looked back and found memories
    Which made me go to sleep again.

  20. I woke up one morning
    And practiced life
    Like a boring lesson --
    Too lazy to endure it.

  21. I went to the country of sleep and there was nothing, so I changed country.

    I am in the world before its creation, the world of tohu-bohu. Tohu-bohu hypnotizes, so I go again to the country of sleep.

  22. Every time I go to sleep I take the trip to eternity.
  23. Sleep: the scalpel that eliminates the rotten parts of life.


  24. Humour: the only form of communication that directs itself to a collective intelligence.
  25. Mental fitness (sanity): enigma of authority which transcends definition; you 'possess' your existence without having to justify it.
  26. Populism: when people become prisoners of their own ideology and no longer know if they follow their own impulses or external orders; if they are pulled by their will or pushed by their fears.
  27. 'Me': what distinguishes one automaton from another.
  28. Suburbs: a place where changes occur only in the bodies of the inhabitants.
  29. Conformism: fascism of the soul.
  30. What is communism? It is art, bubbling imagination supported by pseudologic.
  31. Generations: successive waves of the same ocean.
  32. Secret: what ignorance sees in the mirror.
  33. Memory: tentacle exploring the past.
  34. Anxiety: big appetite of small soul.
  35. Emotion: hunger that precedes knowledge.
  36. Vice: when pleasure reaches its limits and limits the individual.
  37. Analysis is the process of distancing; synthesis is the process of approaching; the synthesis of approaching is poetry.
  38. Statistics: no man's land between "yes" and "no."
  39. Hidden sense: when perception grows beyond understanding.
  40. Sadness is a memory that refuses to die.
  41. Sadness: asking cold fate to be involved in your personal concerns.
  42. Canto jondo: lament of the spirit trapped by matter.

    Clear - Obscure

  43. Implosion of implosion = explosion.
  44. Original thought cannot come from thought. Only an archaic 'pre-thought' can engender an original thought.
  45. The mind runs clumsily within reality, impossibilities, paradoxes.
  46. The spirit on the wing in the cage of space.
  47. You are a guest, a ghost, in my life . . .

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