Excerpts from Reviews of EXTRACTS OF EXISTENCE

from June Callwood (respected Canadian author and journalist): "... this beautiful book by the painter/philosopher/poet William Markiewicz. He is an extraordinary talent and I am appalled that this is the first time I have seen his work. He deserves to be much better known in this country. The book is beautifully produced, a work of art in itself."

"'Extracts of Existence' is an attractively produced book with a potential audience that would include not only visual artists but anyone with an interest in sampling from the tightly-observed moments of a life thoughtfully lived." ARC Canada's National Poetry Magazine, Ottawa 1995

"'Extracts of Existence' is the kind of book to be savored in half hour installments of contemplation. ... small press at its best." THE ICONOCLAST, Mohegan Lake, NY, 1995.

"This is a book you want to have in your possession, to pry open like a deck of tarot cards or like I Ching, and see what falls in front of you. This is the Pandora's Box of Markiewicz's consciousness and he shares it with us the way one would share a dream with one's closest friends." POINT MAGAZINE, Niagara, 1995.

"The Extracts are unique, grounded and concrete, much like the existence from which the author endeavours to squeeze out more than a few rare drops of human essence." TRANSFORUM, Toronto, 1995.

"If you have ever enjoyed Jung or Alan Watts, you will enjoy 'Extracts of Existence.'" VIEW, Hamilton, Ont., 1995

"... Markiewicz's illustrations ... These are extremely good, drawing on a Blakean tradition, of course, but with discernible added touches of Georges Rouault and even the frontage technique of Max Ernst. The colour prints are beautifully executed. A wonderfully well produced book; the content, ultimately, relies on personal preference in seeking ways to both encounter and express the profundities of human consciousness. ORE Magazine, London, England, 1995