By William Markiewicz

The key to their eventual survival may be linked with the formula: 'Be useful or stay inconspicuous.'

Never since Roman times has global lawlesness been so reinforced. With only one superpower remaining on the political scene, a New World Order based on arbitrary law was bound to appear because global power and law are bad bedfellows. Democracy and Darwinism don't contradict each other but sustain each other; 'law' within democracy means equilibrium between opposite interests sustained by their own respective forces. Once those forces disappear those interests are not respected anymore and the democratic balance is broken. The USA constantly underlines that it doesn't need approval from the UN to act unilaterally and the UN has no choice but to accept. It's well understood that US global policy applies mostly to the weak and defenceless. US action on Iraq is a warning to Gadaffi, Milosevic and -- Yeltzin. The present Russia is nothing but an overgrown Iraq. Castro and to a certain point Gadaffi are still protected by the mostly European umbrella. As for Yugoslavia, only Byelorussia (!) manifested its support with readiness even to go to war. It was certainly a Russian sponsored trial balloon attempting to save Serbia from becoming a starving mega-ghetto of the Balkans. Had this war really taken place, Byelorussia would now be occupied by the NWO under Yeltzin's nose, and a 'truly democratic government' would be established there as the first step towards Russia's further disintegration.

This situation of a single superpower is very unhealthy for America as for the rest of the world. In my view, a coup d'etat in the US is not impossible. Let's not forget that if America is still a democracy it's only because the power machine is still too shy to realise its full potential. If the US knew in the fifties what it knows today, the cold war would not remain cold. In its external policy the US still respects its allies, and inside its boundaries it still respects its public opinion. The traditional American democracy survives by its own momentum. But in spite of the deep tradition of democracy, the Americans are an apathetic nation, the Clinton affair made it clear. Its fringes are active, and they dispose only of what power is allowed to them. If America becomes a dictatorship, it may happen in 24 hours, and the rest of the world may gravitate toward the same.

Tontons Macoutes
Literally at the moment I finished the lines above, I saw the New York Times 11/28/98 report that NATO is looking for its 'raison d'etre.' The most formidable military power in history doesn't know what to do with its muscle. The brainless killing machine, Godzilla, is on the loose. A liberating power that outlives its time becomes an oppressive instrument. Somebody will take the seat and put his own brain into the headless structure.

Very often the future is predetermined by the way the past is treated. The road toward a "New Dark Ages" is paved with revisionism. We just learn from the media that the pilot John 'Jake' Schuffert died recently. During WWII his plane had been hit over Yugoslavia, and the crewmen "spent several months in Yugoslavia before making their way back... " Was that their vacation period?! The media didn't report that the Chetniks saved them, like hundreds of other American pilots, from German captivity and a whole Serbian village was sacrificed because they refused to turn them over to the Germans. We learn also that a Holocaust linked conference will be held Nov. 30-Dec. 3 in Washington DC. Germany and former Nazi allies will participate. Who is not invited? Of course Yugoslavia. It seems that Yugoslavia was initially invited 'by mistake' which was later corrected.

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