By William Markiewicz

The human offensive against nature is active on all fronts. Recently a TV program showed that people, mostly children, are beginning to suffer immune system failures because the alimentary products sold in supermarkets are too antiseptic (see "This Dangerous Universe" in Vagabond, October 96).

Long ago, the Easter Islands' indigenous people destroyed their habitat before slowly dying from starvation. At present, Central America illustrates mismanagement of nature. The technologically advanced 'First World' is distant enough geographically to look on as a spectator to the natural disasters that now strike Latin America. Yes, millions may die there but the millions of survivors may flee to the safe parts of the globe, changing the demography and history there forever. Beside this, the parts of the globe spared until now offer no guarantee that the situation will remain safe (see "Voice of the Pessimist" in Vagabond, May 96).

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