By William Markiewicz

Would you leave your bank account number, your apartment key, the key to your safe with strangers? Would you let your children play with matches in your absence? Still, that's what people do with their kids, their pets, their handicapped and seem to find it natural.

The truth is that subconsciously we are much more preoccupied with our own safety than with that of those defenceless ones under our protection, even if we are persuaded that we love them. In order to ensure the greatest protection for our children, elders, handicapped, pets, it's better to entrust them to specialized institutions like kindergartens, rest homes, etc. than to leave our dear ones in an apartment face-to-face with strangers who could be angel or hangman - nobody is there to check. An even better idea would be to install monitoring devices to continously film the activities when the parents are away. And, as we usually cannot depend entirely on the initiative and good will of parents or others responsible, I think that this should be matter of law. If something happens for instance to a child in the parents' absence, the parents should be held as responsible for the criminal acts as the perpetrators themselves.

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