The Source And Content Of Visions

By William Markiewicz

A while ago one young woman told me that she'd had a vision -- a sudden feeling of palpable truth -- in which she foresaw the third world war in our times with China as the direct cause. Before, analyzing the probability of this prediction, let's try to shed some light on the possibility of extra sensory perception. Scepticism is a good thing on the condition that one is not totally overpowered by it. If we don't understand something it doesn't prove that this "something" doesn't exist.

We all know, for instance, that genes transmit heredity. They are not the only means, claim some animal husbandry experts who sustain that if a female of a certain pure breed gives birth to a mixed blood infant, she loses her "purity" forever. Consequently if she is pregnant again, this time by a purebred male, its descendants will always be marked by the "impurity." For them, extra-genetic hereditary transmission, perhaps of protoplasmic origin, exists.

Also, for para-psychologists and lately, for many psychologists, there are other forms of perception than those we know. The only thing that practically everybody more or less agrees on, is that this capacity, if it exists is not controlled by those who possess it. This makes it inaccessible to scientific investigation.

The effect of individuals, one on the other, and the group effect on individuals is numerous and not well known. Why does a bee, separated from the hive, die rapidly even if maintained in the best possible conditions? This applies to many species that live in groups. Professor Grasse called this dependency, "group effect" (probably of electromagnetic origin). For him, the reason we crowd the beaches in summer is due to this biological necessity of revitalization.

Coming back to the problem of extra-sensorial capacities; do those "mediums" present us with any clues to their common characteristics which could help us to recognize them.

From my observations and conjectures their main characteristic is -- lack of particular characteristics. I believe that this kind of person belongs to a minority considering that most people give themselves to some hobby, some passion. The most fortunate make a profession of it.

Those persons whose main characteristic is their "blankness" are similar to the TV turned on but no channel selected; on the screen activated without picture, something must finally appear.

Jung considered that the most favourable period to enter into contact with one's "unconscious" is just at the moment before falling asleep or just at the moment of awakening. This is a nondefined state in which we are neither "emitters" (dreamers) nor "receptors" (conscious) nor "disconnected" (deep sleepers without dreams). Summing up, this will be a condition of brute potential.

The method of the empty screen is practised by yogis, locked for long periods in dark grottoes. The senses which are not nourished finally go into oblivion and other potentials start to manifest themselves precisely in the form of unexpected and unpredictable vision.

So this young lady with no particular interest in politics could have a vision of the third world war. Ending our preoccupation with the cause of the visions, let's take a look at the prediction itself.

Why China? The vision pointing to China may not be so far fetched. The majority of world conflicts are of local character and played with hits and counter-hits of bloody and complex intrigues. This kind of conflict can remain latent, without a winner or loser clearly defined. The USA, China, and still Russia are megaliths to whom half measures are impossible to apply and whose destinies are automatically linked with the destiny of the whole world. The Russians may have reason to fear China sooner than the Americans will. The great regions of Siberia, rich and empty, are historically more Chinese than Russian and overpopulated China looks hungrily at them. Of course the US couldn't remain inactive in the face of a collision of two giants. This is how political analysts looking into the future may join the visionary.

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