By William Markiewicz

Hitler justified his attacks saying he was attacked first -- and nobody believed him. NATO admits that it attacks first but for humanitarian reasons -- and everybody believes it. We witness a total revolution in the propaganda machine: It takes on the character of a religion in which policy makers equal prophets, press equal gospels and the public-at-large becomes the converted believers. We are back in the Inquisition mentality. What can we, the poor heretics, do in the face of this overwhelming wave of a 'new perfect religion' that swamps the world?

"Bread and circuses": For the satiated Western TV viewers, images of atrocities are equivalent to the arena spectacles offered to the Romans. People support those who 'look good' and are ready to lynch those who 'look bad.' The art of making somebody look good or bad is a skill of puppeteers, the media. Puppeteers know their territory, their crowds and their topics. They know the limits of human gullibility. Therefore they will never try to demonize somebody generally well known. But on less familiar ground, preconceptions flourish easily and politicians, media, criminals, take advantage of this. Given a sympathetic ear, people are encouraged to lie because it pays. In such a climate accusation is taken as religious dogma.

A few examples how villains in archaic cultures were/are designated in advance provoking a knee jerk reaction -- lynching. I'm afraid that nothing has changed between then and now.

'Rape' in India: One East Indian woman told me that if a woman screams in a crowd, pointing at a man: 'He wanted to rape me!' the crowd is instantaneously ready to lynch him. An easy way to get rid of somebody!

An apparently authentic story from post-revolutionary Russia: In this example justice (sic) was distributed equally because there was no puppeteer to pull the string on one side. In a moving train an old woman started to scream: 'Where is my money?! This soldier stole it from me!' -- and she pointed at a young soldier nearby. The crowd assaulted the soldier: 'Where is her money!?' 'I took nothing from her' - the soldier protested. They searched him, found nothing and concluded: 'You hid it well, eh!? - but it wont help you' - and they threw him out the window. After a while the old woman started to cry: 'I accused the poor boy for no reason, I found my money!' 'So, you've accused an innocent!' - and the crowd applied the same justice to the old woman, throwing her through the window.

Nazis disintegrated the Soviet army by feeding Stalin's paranoia. They provided him with false information that he was surrounded by German agents. The flower of the officer corps was exterminated. How the Soviets won the war in spite of all this is a miracle.

Stroop, the liquidator of the Warsaw Ghetto told his companion in prison that the murdered Jews left booby traps behind them: -- 'You see how those Jews are? Even after death they like vengeance!' His companion who reported this conversation didn't doubt Stroop's sincere 'indignation'; people who harm you, who abuse you, are often first to claim, with 'sincere' tears in their eyes, that they are the true victims. The puppeteers know well that people believe first what they want to believe and they work on this basis. Therefore tears should never be taken as proof - which applies to everybody.

Who are those people who hire puppeteers? The powerful of course. The New World Order is not a new term, it's a Nazi term. Now, that non-Nazis have taken the term over, has the meaning changed? Not too much in my view. Here's why I believe that the Old/New World Order remains more or less the same and is alive and bouncing:

During WW2 an emissary of the Polish Resistance was smuggled into Great Britain and he gave the top politicians a detailed description of the extermination of the Jews. The response he got was: 'Don't worry Sir, we'll win this war...' And this blatant changing of topic continued during the conversation. They were anti-Nazi but also anti-Semites. The powerholders took advantage of the handy executioner to do the dirty job, washing their own hands of it. After their victory, from de facto silent partner they converted themselves into accusers.

The New York Times, 7/29/99, features an article titled: "U.S. Knew Early of Nazi Killings in Asylums, Official Documents Show." This confirms that the Allies cared as much about the insane as about the Jews. Obviously, to them it was just a "cleansing job" they de facto endorsed.

The mass expulsion of Kosovo's Gypsies under NATO's eyes, shows that the NWO's attitude toward 'inferiors' hasn't changed. Their camp conditions are horrendous, with practically no outside help compared to the attention the ethnic Albanians received. It's one more illustration that ethnic cleansing is in fact an encouraged privilege for the chosen. Yugoslavia proceded to expulsion of Albanians as an act of war after being attacked while the present expulsion by Albanians is a pure and simple leap at the opportunity to cleanse the territory.

With such credentials it's not surprising that the NWO attacked Yugoslavia. The media, like lenses which reverse vision, present the victims as criminals and vice versa. The puppeteers don't invent their stories but they select the parts of the story according to their convenience, the most efficient and insidious way to lie. How many of us will make an effort to study the events, and how can it be done outside the media? My advice to everybody is: Do your own research through the Internet, the only free source that remains available. In the meantime people should fill up editors' boxes with protests: 'We want information not indoctrination!' As there is a criminal aspect to it, the manipulation of information should be declared a war crime. A petition on this matter should go to the United Nations (but not to the Court of the Hague!).

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