By William Markiewicz


Does existence exist? Existence is more condition than defined data. Elements can be added or subtracted and may transmute from physical to spiritual, from incertitude to dogma, to intangible and relative.

On the superficial level there are formulas for everything. We can learn them through education or training. The physical and spiritual domains, in their essence at antipodes to each other, nowadays have one thing in common: they are more subject to formula than the social and creative fields. I don't consider ideologies to be formulas because a formula must be exact, hermetic, while an ideology is more theory. The physical world can be handled with scientific formulas. In spirituality all is formula, from magic to prayer, as well as other spiritual practices.

On the social level, there are subtle and mysterious ways that can't be learned by formula, for instance the mystery of 'popularity.' Millionaires would spend their millions to acquire it. But the formula is missing, the patterns are purely instinctive. The same goes for creativity; one can learn some basic superficial pathways, while the gate remains closed for the 'not-chosen.'


The difference between the questions 'what is life' and 'how to live' is the same as between computer hardware and software. To live is to act within specific 'landscapes.' Our primary landscape is our environment, the second one -- our activities. We react to those 'landscapes' through adrenaline and acetylcholine and this combination of action-reaction is what we name 'living.'

Social power is dominant; it overpowers the physical landscapes and ignores the spiritual. Social patterns are all about the power game -- a rapport of forces, a matter of sharing the loot among equals.

The Landscapes of the Last Recourse
In situations where there are no available 'landscapes' for action, those which remain are in the interior of our heads: ideas. They are as real in our life as the physical world and we react to them with adrenaline and acetylcholine as well.


The landscape of ideas may be inhabited by imaginary spirits, and the contact with them -- with ourselves -- we may define as spirituality. And... what may the spirit have to say? ''I'm part of the togetherness of all existence including non-existence. You see, it doesn't really matter if I exist or not, what is important is that you place yourself outside of yourself to perceive who you are and what you must or must not do. And it doesn't really matter how good or bad are your immediate conditions or if you have a life of five minutes or of fifty years ahead of you. Each of your moments is the moment of your rendezvous with destiny.' And from this platform, you may join yourself to participate in the common race.

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