By William Markiewicz

One great manitou on scientific topics on a TV show declared, with authority, that the Neanderthal was not destroyed by Homo Sapiens but by his own defective lifestyle. The fossil remains show that the Neanderthal didn't protect his fire from wind and rain and that the males lived separate from females and children, so didn't take care of their families. The expert didn't explain how the Neanderthal with those handicaps could survive 300.000 years, ten times longer than the Homo Sapiens up to now, and why those handicaps killed him precisely at the appearance of Homo Sapiens.

Recent theory says that epidemics, not hunters, killed extinct species like the giant bear, mammoth, etc. Undoubtedly the fossils abound with the traces of microbes and viruses. But one unbeatable argument contradicts this theory. Never in history has a sickness obliterated a species. The plagues that killed countless millions have always spared individuals who sooner or later developed immunity. Insects have developed resistance to insecticides so immunity is a universal trend. Only humans are able to inflict total extinction.

A relatively recent report issued by the great manitous of finance and economy stated that Haiti's situation is worse than it was one year ago. International aid to this country is applied in such a way that it competes with local activities, repressing instead of stimulating them.

One week before the crisis that shocked Albania the great manitous (I didn't note all those official names) praised Albania and granted it a reward "for outstanding and exemplary economic and social progress." They certainly were willing to swallow their words few days later.

"The New World Order" is a perfect illustration of the incompetence of today's political 'experts.' In reality it is a return to the old Metternich's and Hitler's concept that the world needs a 'leader' in order to function. Today's economy, technology, informatics prove the contrary. The 'Global Village' functions at its best when the autonomous communities collaborate freely according to their interests as they understand them. The bloody toll of the New World Order is ex-Yugoslavia dismembered without negotiations. The second stage will have to be 'united Bosnia' liberated from the Bosnian Serbs and the third stage will be Serbia liberated from the Serbs and dismembered with the sheepish approval of the rest of the world (because the world's media functions in line with the New Order). All this to ensure the domination of the Europe by the German-American team and the return of the Turkey to the Balkans to maintain 'stability' there. And if other small nations revolt -- Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania -- they'll be 'punished' as well. So we can expect a Northern Ireland type situation there for many years to come.

Why this display of abberations, ignorance, and tragic consequences at the end of our century? Because of the excessive power of the overdiplomaed golden boys and gals surrounded by clans which isolate them even more from reality. Will we 'survive' this massive spread of big brothers and sisters?

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