By William Markiewicz

One writer who was interested in "the unexplained" (I don't remember his name) gave examples proving, in his view, that spirits exist and that they are completely unintelligent. This view coincides with the beliefs of modern followers of witchcraft who consider spirits to be "blind forces of nature." Still, the French call the Devil "le Malin" which means, simultaneously, "the Bad one" and "the Smart one." But the "smartness of the Devil" can be only skin deep, perhaps in the tactical realm, because the final result of what is evil is always doom, destruction -- nothing the intelligence can brag about.

As we saw in Oklahoma City, those directly or indirectly responsible for the tragedy tried to justify their act as part of a global struggle against the "vicious federal government." They chose to destroy a symbol of the government, the federal building, without considering that inside their own fellow Americans were doomed to die. Never before have political killers chosen to destroy their own people. Until now, the killers' targets were their true or imaginary adversaries -- ideological, religious, national, social, racial ... Obviously they feel that they still can claim acceptance arguing that the end justifies the means. So, life is becoming cheaper and cheaper. It seems that anything that moves is a target for killing, as if by some "blind forces of nature." As long as there are angry low IQ adults, we will be confronted with "byproduct" killings. Still, whoever believes that humanity can be "cleansed" of these kinds of potential killers ranges himself on the "sick" side because sterilization is not programmed into the living fabric. The best we can do is to live in statistical security, controlling, not destroying, the devil.

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