By William Markiewicz

So, what's new? In my view, it's a continuation of a long and tragic saga. Marechal Pilsudski declared that the Jews are the worst politicians in the world (see 'Territories for Life', Vagabond, March 96). One of the oldest European populations, the Jews let themselves be dominated by tribes and nations that came later, becoming their slaves and victims of their 'anti-Semitism.' Sometimes well off, but still slaves. They were numerous enough to smash the growing Hitlerism, but they lacked the determination and organization to do it. Now they may wake up too late again, not ready for the war then, not ready for peace now.

The Israelis require Hafez al Assad to swallow his war defeat; would they do the same in his place? Syria is not smashed like Yugoslavia and even there the last word has not been pronounced yet. Yes, Israel has its urgent needs, but do they expect Hafez to be worried about them? Israel can survive without its war gains as it survived before the war; peace is more important than anything else. Only the total victors can eat their cake and keep it too.


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