Subject areas in Vagabond: Social, History, Politics, Culture - Art, Philosophy

I've done my best to choose categories for articles in Vagabond, but some of the topics do 'cross over.' WM

(Each issue from 1 to 29 features an illustrated excerpt from "Extracts of Existence" by William Markiewicz)

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  1. The Devil is Stupid
  2. The Alchemy of Voting
  3. The Pity and the Horror
  4. "The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth" -- or about Small Business and Cooperatives
  5. Freedom -- Not Lobotomy
  6. Abortion and Biology (illus.)
  7. The Voice of a Pessimist (illus.)
  8. About Plots
  9. Tidbits -- Odds and Ends from Here and There
  10. Evolution: Groups or Individuals?
  11. Create to Order -- Yes, By Prescription -- No
  12. A Solution?
  13. Who Is Really Dumbing Us Down?
  14. Peoples are not Communities!
  15. Are Human Rights Trials Propaganda Trials?
  16. Who Will Protect Us From the Experts?
  17. Philosophy of the Media
  18. Au Pair
  19. Cruelty and the Curse of Mass Production
  20. June Tidbits (Military Neo-Puritanism, Domestic Violence, "Body Energy"
  21. Women's Ordination -- and the Rest
  22. October's Glance (Obsolete Protection, IQ and Leadership)
  23. Earth Slides for Central Americans
  24. Nationalism is not Imperialism, Patriotism is not Chauvinism
  25. Who is Attacked?
  26. Do Humans Change?
  27. Another 'Pity and Horror'
  28. Millennium
  29. Partialities
  30. Break in the Food Chain
  31. Rules vs Feelings
  32. Panhandling as a Career Choice
  33. Don't Be Afraid of a Gay Big Brother
  34. Buchanan's "The Death of the West"
  35. "The Jews, the World and Money" by Jacques Attali
  36. "Cast a Cold Eye ..."
  37. What a Show Trial Teaches the Public -- Goebbels vs Truman Capote
  38. Media Participated in Joy
  39. The Joys of Communism
  40. Hell in Shelters
  41. There Are Very Few Natural Democrats
  42. The Way to Health
  43. How to Encourage Art
  44. Shearing of the Sheep
  45. Boredom + Power Fuels Stupidity + Sadism
  46. "Whipping Boys" for the World's Miseries: Jews, Muslims, Masons, Bankers
  47. Oligarchy, etc.
  48. How to Prevent the Looming Ethnic Conflicts?
  49. Must Societies Remain Defenceless Facing Their Leaders?
  50. Justice / Injustice
  51. Dark Side? Yes, But Not of Multiculturalism
  52. Humanity -- Two-Legged Species Standing on One Leg at a Time
  53. The Strange Human Power
  54. Arguing with Dr. Phil
  55. Children's Rights
  56. Poor Calcutta and Mother Teresa
  57. To Visitors
  58. How Important is the Subconscious?
  59. Three Anecdotes
  60. And If Existence Were, In Itself, Simple?
  61. Impressions of Melbourne
  62. Priests' Abstinence
  63. Damage Control? It's Not Enough
  64. Archaic Notions Clashing with Contemporary Dramas
  65. A Matter of Allegiance
  66. How to Defend Ourselves from Acts of God
  67. Parents and Children
  68. Down the Ladder (Humorous Survey)
  69. Did She Kill Her Daughter?
  70. When You Get What You Want, You Must Be Ready to Pay the Price
  71. "Let's Talk"
  72. When the Naming Overpowers the Meaning
  73. Garden of Human Conditions - Emotions versus Duty
  74. "Thank You God!..."
  75. Nostalgia
  76. Following Sherlock Holmes's Device, "From the thread to the spool": If Chaos is too complex to understand, start at Point One
  77. Why?
  78. Full Rights Regarding Ourselves
  79. "Fewer Museums and More Concentration Camps?"
  80. More about Zimmerman
  81. To Please the Enemy, Don't Jump Down with a Noose around Your Neck
  82. Business Favors the Collective Market, Not Individuals
  83. With Whom am I Ready to Communicate?
  84. Homosexuality, etc.
  85. About the Jews Again
  86. "Why" Instead of "How Many"

  88. Cinderella Nations
  89. How Many Jews Did Hitler Kill
  90. The Indos' Enigma
  91. Jews in Hitler's Army
  92. Bread and Circuses
  93. "Only Jews and Gypsies?"
  94. Can Democracy Survive?
  95. Long History
  96. "The Invention of the Jewish People" by Shlomo Sand
  97. Dialogue about what makes History

  99. Are the Serbs Doomed to Extinction?
  100. Chinese--Muslim Alliance?
  101. Perfect Federalism -- Including Quebec?
  102. How Much of Canada to Quebec?
  103. "I Accuse" (Emile Zola) or: An Imaginary Speech
  104. Territories for Life
  105. What Queen Victoria Said
  106. Anatomy of Punishment
  107. A Propos Russian Elections
  108. Netanyahu, Modern Bar-Kochba?
  109. Is Barzani Stupid?
  110. United Bosnia
  111. Task Force -- International or Continental?
  112. City Versus Country in Serbia
  113. A Glance (Albania, Iraq)
  114. May's Glance (Lima, Mega)
  115. October's Glance (Paparazzi, Damocles' Sword, Likud and Hamas)
  116. What are the Swiss Afraid Of?
  117. February Tidbits (Pope in Cuba, Affair Clinton, Netanyahu in U.s., Serbian 'Adolf')
  118. The 'Whipping Boy' of Iraq
  119. "Golem" (Serbs and Jews)
  120. Return to Muscle Politics
  121. September's Glance (Canadian Court's Decision, Clinton's Choice, U.S. Bombing
  122. October's Glance (Bosnian Serbs Warned)
  123. The US Brand Ayatollahs' Offensive on Clinton
  124. Can the Weak Nations Survive within the NWO?
  125. January's 'Bouquet' (Back to time of Caesars, Clinton & privacy, Russian oligarchy)
  126. End of Dirty Deals and Bloodthirsty Threats?
  127. This and That (A Lighter Tune, Sex with Children, Abdic)
  128. Thinking Regionally
  129. Bombing for the Albanians' Sake?
  130. "Whose Axe am I Grinding?"
  131. June's Glance (Israel, Harris, Nato's Agendas)
  132. How NATO Got Its Way
  133. The Second Long Night
  134. Gorbachev
  135. In the Footsteps of Nostradamus
  136. Shaping Past History
  137. Shaping Recent History
  138. Paper Tiger or "Unrestricted War"
  139. The King is Dead --Long Live the King!
    Death to History -- Long Live Propaganda!

  140. Global Banana Republic
  141. Freedom or Selective Freedom? Allies or Selective Allies?
  142. Catalan And Basque
  143. Global Strategy vs Global Village
  144. Elian Kidnapped
  145. Elian in Florida
  146. Chechnya
  147. Disinformation as a War Crime
  148. Failure of the Israeli-Syrian Talks in Geneva
  149. Failure at Camp David
  150. NWO of the Apocalypse
  151. Election in Yugoslavia
  152. Faces of Politics
  153. Europe's Right Steps
  154. Who Will Last Longer?
  155. Barak Resigned
  156. Barak Resigned (continuation)
  157. "Democratic" Triumph in Yugoslav Elections
  158. On the Balkan Elections
  159. Elections? OK
  160. Something Has to Change
  161. New Millenium, Old Story
  162. Chicago Serbs Celebrate Victory of Democracy
  163. Sharon's Farce
  164. New Bombing of Iraq
  165. Tough Cookies -- Albanians Expand
  166. What if Yugoslavia had Remained Neutral in WWII?
  167. Milosevic Arrested
  168. Toward the Next (World) War?
  169. Bellum Judaicum (Joseph Flavius) -- the Jewish War
  170. Cheney-Bush Tandem
  171. Jaruzelski and Konrad Wallenrod
  172. Israel Forgets
  173. Carnage on Tel Aviv Beach -- the Most Terrifying Weapon
  174. McVeigh -- Not an Ordinary Mass Murderer(?)
  175. Compromise Not Always Possible
  176. Insult to Injury -- Yugoslavia Sells Herself
  177. The Economist and the Bull
  178. New 'Holy Alliance'?
  179. Misery... Misery...
  180. "Where Is My Loot?"
  181. Albanian Power
  182. Genoa As One More Link in the Revolutionary Chain
  183. Freedom Not for Everybody
  184. Verdict on Srebrenica
  185. Blood in Jerusalem
  186. Who Wins a War of Attrition?
  187. About "Meddling and Posturing"
  188. From War Between Kamikaze and Settlers to Durban Resolution
  189. Fire Ants Attack Elephant
  190. September's Glance (Intelligent Machines, Counterterrorism, Preventive Wars)
  191. Crime and Punishment Forever
  192. About "Drinking the Sea -- Of Terror"
  193. Operation Noble Eagle
  194. War in Afghanistan and Russia
  195. "Open Sesame" - with Bombs
  196. "There was blood ... they wiped it ... it dried up ..."
  197. "Who Are Our Friends?"
  198. Bush and Sharon Understood Nothing
  199. Peace is Dead -- Long Live War
    (World on the Verge of Castaneda's "Last Warrior Dance"?)
  200. One More Crusade
  201. Test of Power and of Indifference
  202. Burning Brand on Central Asia
  203. New Rome vs New Carthage
  204. Toward One More War (India-Pakistan)?
  205. Colonialist Lingo
  206. "Popeye" -- Noriega -- Dimitrov
  207. Open Bouquet (No War but War, Escape Forward, Bush & POWs)
  208. Imaginary Farewell Speech by Yasser Arafat
  209. Coup Against Freedom Through Legalized Lies
  210. Open Bouquet (March-April)
  211. People Die Because of Hard to Die Illusions
  212. Evil Axis Branches Out
  213. Fighting Terror With Bombs Is Like Fighting Bacteria With a Hammer
  214. Two Inept Leaders: Sharon and Mugabe
  215. Israel, the Last Kamikaze in the Line?
  216. Peace -- With Whom?
  217. Arafat -- Bush and Sharon's "Jew"
  218. Behind the Settlers - Kamikaze War
  219. Japan Seizes the Ball
  220. Russia to Nato!
  221. Could the EU Survive Le Pen's Victory?
  222. The Terrifying Power of Collateral Damage
  223. Children in War (illus.)
  224. Recent Kamikaze Bombing in Rishon Lezion
  225. Remember Racak?
  226. Simple Pretexts and Complex Weapons
  227. India and Pakistan Are On Their Own
  228. Paradise on Earth Carved with an Axe
  229. Quantum Politics
  230. Outrageous Washington Post
  231. Finish the Job?
  232. Never Ending Curse for Pashtuns?
  233. Open Bouquet (July-August)
  234. Saddam Hussein Hasn't Learned His Lesson
  235. What a Show Trial Teaches the Public
  236. The Danger of Politicizing Crime
  237. "Jihad, Jihad, Jihad"
  238. Open Bouquet (September-October)
  239. Feathers Control the Universe
  240. Voice from the Desert
  241. From Emperor's New Clothes to Butterfly Effect
  242. Toward the Fourth Reich
  243. What Chretien Didn't Say
  244. Changing Winds Propel Tall Ships
  245. Wiesel
  246. The Twisted Ways of Democracy
  247. In Chechnya, As Elsewhere, Notion Of "Global Terrorism" Covers Need For Local Solutions
  248. War Against International Terrorism Equals Western Jihad
  249. Bitterness of Forced Unions
  250. Gorbachev Broke the Spell of Equal Power
  251. Whose Head First?
  252. "Where From -- Such a Load of Stupidity All at Once?"
  253. Big Satan Tolerates Small Satan
  254. Have Something to Show--or Die
  255. Canada Doesn't Need the UN
  256. Blow to Islam
  257. A Propos Powell's Speech
  258. Political - Historical - Philosophical "Bouillabaisse"
  259. The Last Recourse
  260. Who Wants Iraq for Free?
  261. American Foreign Legion
  262. A War for Oil? Yes This Time
  263. The European Union is Still Fragile
  264. Better Isolationism Than Imperialism
  265. Iraq Is Not the Issue
  266. NWO Justice: Bow to the Powerful, Crush the Weak
  267. We Enter the Millenium with Wargames
  268. Victorious Return to Barbarism
  269. Olympus versus Buffoons
  270. Middle East -- My Response to Paul Bruce
  271. Is It Canada's Duty to Support the U.S. Invasion of Iraq?
  272. Europe -- Save Israel from Itself!
  273. Maybe Not All Quislings Are Traitors
  274. "The Greatest Mistake"
  275. Fast Resurrection
  276. Inelegant Democracy
  277. Welcome to the True Kingdom of Terror
  278. Why Would Sharon Never Consider Negotiating with Hamas?
  279. "Terraforming" 2
  280. How to Protect Your Brain from the Brainwashing Virus
  281. Serbs -- Don't Go To Nato or, "Don't Go with a Healthy Head to a Sick Bed" (Jewish Proverb)
  282. Death of a Nation (Before Even Starting to be One)
  283. Pashtunistan and the Region
  284. "Stop the Violence"
  285. The Snake Starts to Digest
  286. "World Terrorism" as One More "Snark"
  287. Anti Jewish Statement in Malaysia
  288. Requiem for the Serbs
  289. France Chooses the Aryan Way -- or "Ca va barder"
  290. Is Georgia for Sale?
  291. Hail the New Ice Age!
  292. Tactics as a Bone of Contention
  293. What do Slobodan and Saddam Have in Common?
  294. Nationalists Win in Serbia
  295. Security, Security -- The Religion of Security
  296. Burning Strata -- Iraq and Elsewhere
  297. After the Last Israeli Action in Gaza
  298. "Our Western Values"
  299. Terrorism as One More Pollution
  300. From Accusations to Apologies
  301. Savonarola-Ignatieff, You Are Wrong!
  302. 'After the Horns, the Whips'
  303. Murderous Healings
  304. Kneaded Reportage
  305. Target -- the World
  306. Chechen Quagmire
  307. An Antipathic Specimen on Bush's Side
  308. What Values?
  309. A Rational Proposal
  310. Smart Sharon, After the Damage
  311. Re: "The Empire Has No Clothes"
  312. Ukraine: A Link In The Chain Toward Ultimate Confrontation
  313. The Past that Sucks Our Future
  314. European Union? Very Important But Watch the Road
  315. Missile Defence System
  316. First You give Us Peace, Then We'll Give You Negotiations"
  317. How to Bury Democracy Democratically
  318. Poker Players Challenge the Empire
  319. Bush Went to Canossa?
  320. War -- Instead of War Against Terrorism
  321. Quantity is not Quality
  322. The Catholic Church on the Turbulent Waves of History
  323. We Don't Change Reality by Changing Names
  324. France's "No" to EU
  325. Massacre in London
  326. Reviving Lysistrata
  327. Motormouth on John Simpson Talk Show
  328. Is Another Hiroshima Possible?
  329. Don't Despise Predictions
  330. Iraq to be Consumed in Pieces
  331. For Which Humans, Human Rights?
  332. "Justice on the March" ...
  333. The World in the Grip of Resurrected "Savage Capitalism"
  334. The Logic of Imperial Policy
  335. The Biggest Problem in Nuclear Times
  336. From Weak to Pariah
  337. Through Many Myths, the World is Born and Through One Myth, the World May Stumble
  338. From Self Delusion toward Self Destruction?
  339. Iran, Iran, Iran . . .
  340. Paradox
  341. China Steps into Africa
  342. "When the Lie is Repeated, It Becomes the Truth"
  343. Towards a ‘Homeopathic” Attitude in Assessing Situations
  344. Cul de Sac
  345. Imposing Democracy
  346. "Less Culture and More Conquered Enemy Banners ..."
  347. The Power of Numbers
  348. This War Must Stop!
  349. israel's Fight for Survival Starts Now
  350. Reasons for War and Peace
  351. The Pope's Surprising Statement
  352. "Que la fete continue"
  353. Jeremiad
  354. Recent Gaza Events
  355. History Continues
  356. Why Are Our Conclusions Limited?
  357. The Future of Kosovo
  358. Misinformed and Misguided
  359. "My Intentions Were Good"
  360. "A Weak Leader"
  361. Life Supporting Vessel -- Earth -- Now Requires Life Support from Its Inhabitants
  362. Conflict with Aboriginals in Canada, Terror Alert in England
  363. Hitler Stopped Believing Goering
  364. Far Away Wars Benefit the Status Quo
  365. Painful Mistake
  366. Ahmadinejad at Columbia University
  367. Survey or Brainwashing?
  368. Dangerous Game with the Devil
  369. A propos Peace Conference in Annapolis
  370. Pondering in the Cave
  371. Unpaid Debt to the Planet
  372. Defeats Camouflaged as Victories
  373. Pakistan Takes Power in Its Hand
  374. A Propos the Manley Panel
  375. The Serbs Have Voted -- or the Impossible War for Kosovo
  376. The Dream of Unity
  377. Assessment of Candidates
  378. Kosovo Should Be Partitioned
  379. Peace Between Israelis and Palestinians?
  380. Not Only to the Serbs but to All the Defeated
  381. War as Ultimate Reality
  382. "Today Serbia, Tomorrow the World"
  383. Gendarme Politics
  384. Serbia Lured to Luxembourg
  385. For Those Who Miss the Point
  386. Viva United Ossetia
  387. Galloping to the Past
  388. Science Fiction as Exaggerated Truth
  389. Ossetia, Abkhazia, Afghanistan
  390. Why Does Nobody Talk About the Ossetians and the Abkhazians?
  391. It Costs -- It Brings Nothing
  392. What Was Dion's Mistake?
  393. Deal First with the Things We Understand
  394. Suite of Events
  395. Can Obama Build Peace Between Israel and the Palestinians?
  396. The Israel-Gaza Dilemma
  397. Why is the West Bank Different?
  398. Nothing New Under the Sun
  399. The Scourge of Foreign Policy
  400. Ten Years Since the Bombing of Yugoslavia
  401. President Obama Follows The Wrong Path Of His Predecessors And Risks Hitting The Ground With His Nose
  402. Those With Limitless Power Who Constantly Worry About Their Security
  403. Everything for Fun!
  404. At the Start of the New Issue
  405. Frozen Situation with Iran
  406. Is Probe of CIA Justifiable? And How About the Release of al-Megrahi to Libya?
  407. Negotiations First
  408. "Isratine"
  409. "Nobody Likes Us? Who Cares?"
  410. Road for Afghan Women out of Their Hell?
  411. Simple Logic
  412. From Politics to the Meaning of Life
  413. History Has Its Deadlines
  414. Is There Any Solution That Isn't Science Fiction?
  415. Is a Rift Between U.S. and Israel Possible?
  416. Daring Karzai
  417. Baghdad and Bangkok
  418. Obama's Dilemma
  419. Afghanistan?
  420. Whose is Kosovo?
  421. A Propos "All European Life Died in Auschwitz"
  422. Merciful Release on Trial
  423. It's Never Repeated Too Often
  424. Ideological Disaster
  425. Trends in History, like Fashion, Change
  426. Why Write About That?
  427. Interior Picture Modifies Exterior Reality
  428. Why Not Serbia?
  429. Jews -- What is the Topic?
  430. On the Other Hand ...
  431. Traditions Blown Away
  432. Israeli 'Taliban' Killed Not Only Rabin
  433. Wikileaks
  434. Will There Ever Be a Solution?
  435. Heroism in Libya
  436. Drastic Changes in Libya?
  437. Obama's Dilemma
  438. "For Whom Do We Need Who..."
  439. Why Should the U.S. Lead?
  440. To Avoid the "War Of The Worlds"
  441. Stalemate
  442. Not "What" but "How"
  443. More About Some "Anti"
  444. Bigger Picture through Democracy
  445. In Light of Upcoming U.S. Elections
  446. Simplistic Logic
  447. Of Gods and Races
  448. Reward or Punishment
  449. Threats and Remedies
  450. September 11 -- Later
  451. "Growth?"
  452. Imaginary Dialogue with a New "Conservative."
  453. How to Protect Yourself from Protectors?
  454. Epoch of Sects
  455. Sometimes I wonder
  456. "Electoral Earthquake" in the USA
  457. Who Claims the Right – and for What?
  458. Austerity? Market Economy? Or a Third solution?
  459. Allies May Be as Dangerous as Foes!
  460. Obama's "Polish Camps"
  461. What About the Chaotic Arab Spring?
  462. “Humanist Sense of Life's End”
  463. Israel: Small Ship of Tsunami Ocean
  464. Why is Negotiation the Best Solution?
  465. Gratuitious Gesture
  466. Why Does Mitt Romney Say Russia is the Greatest Enemy?
  467. A propos The Recent Debate
  468. “Mene Tekel Fares”
  469. Don't Count on Allies' Power nor on Enemies’ Weakness. Count on Yourself
  470. Answer to Romney
  471. Obama's Victory
  472. Invasion or Peace?
  473. When Mentality Changes Reality
  474. Morale: Don't sniff for hidden intentions
  475. For Netanyahu, Settlements -- Not Peace -- Ensure Security In the Eyes of the World, Perspective of Independent Palestine Fades
  476. Iraq, Afghanistan, Mali...
  477. Current Elements of Danger for the World
  478. "Does God have a God?"
  479. War Without End
  480. About Survival
  481. Assad?
  482. Life and Death under the Second Amendment
  483. More about the the Second Amendment
  484. "You can't kill me ..."
  485. Antisemitic Rally in Hungary
  486. Politics from Theory to Reality
  487. Not All That's Legal is Good
  488. Egypt?
  489. When Suppositions and Certitudes Confront Each Other
  490. Iraq: End the Massacres
  491. Negotiations?
  492. Toward Balance in History
  493. Eternal War
  494. "World Powers" -- What does that mean?
  495. Sometimes the Best Counterattack May Be in Defence
  496. Intervention or Not?
  497. Self Extincting Species
  498. Good in Politics
  499. Catalonia and Independence
  500. "Real Politics"
  501. "Egomaniacs" Versus "Empathics"
  502. In Solitude -- Strength
  503. Who Wins?
  504. Patriotism?
  505. Starting History on the Left Foot
  506. "Only a Republican Can Be American"
  507. Sudan
  508. What's More Important -- Regime or Society?
  509. "Nolens Volens"
  510. The Heat of WWII Still Smoulders in Ukraine
  511. Western or Eastern Ukraine – Which is Stronger?
  512. Power Dressed as Justice
  513. Darwinians Show Their Muscle
  514. Russia?
  515. "Population of Terrorists"?
  516. In the Name of a Holy Cause ...
  517. Politics but also Biology
  518. What are they looking for in the West Bank and Gaza?
  519. Gaza lands missile near Tel Aviv airport; Israel alarmed
  520. The Cossack Catches the Tartar and the Tartar Holds the Cossack by the Neck (Polish rhymed proverb)
  521. "Realpolitik"
  522. West has Nato, Russia has -- Siberia
  523. "Splendid Isolation"
  524. Obama and His No-Strategy
  525. Ceasefire West Ukraine – Putin (?)
  526. Now Belgium?
  527. Yalta Conference
  528. Anti-Semitism ...
  529. History Repeats Itself
  530. CULTURE

  531. Quirks (illus.)
  532. Moment of Light (illus.)
  533. Spark from Madrid (illus.)
  534. Living Internet
  535. Written Portraits
  536. Written Sketches
  537. June's Written Portraits
  538. November's Written Portraits
  539. Extracts of Existence
  540. The Meaning of the Game
  541. Tidbits 00 (Karma of Lesser Gods, Walkerton, Authenticity)
  542. The Communication Trap
  543. Vagabond is Back
  544. Warrior Culture
  545. Thought in Prehistory
  546. September's Glance (Intelligent Machines, ...)
  547. Do We Know or Are We Told What We Like?
  548. What is Sophistication?
  549. Black Truth ("Some are born to endless night" -- William Blake)
  550. Autumn Afternoon (illus.)
  551. The Mystique of the Ship (illus.)
  552. "Siegfried"
  553. The Poetry of Karol Wojtyla
  554. 4 Portraits (illus.)
  555. Howling to the Moon (illus.)
  556. A Look Into the Universal
  557. No Magic Wand
  558. The Maverick Universe
  559. From Down, to Honours
  560. Evocative Images (illus.)
  561. Musing on Baudelaire
  562. Sic Transit
  563. Dance of Eros -- Dance of Thanatos (illus.)
  564. In Memoriam
  565. Collection?
  566. From Spanish Reflections
  567. Chasing the Thief of Time
  568. Evanescence of Treasures of the Past
  569. Old Polish Shepherd's Song

  570. Art
  571. Minibook: Woodcuts & Aphorisms by William Markiewicz (illus.)
  572. William's (Wilek's) Last Three Exhibitions
  573. William's (Wilek's) Art
  574. Sketches (Verbal and Graphic) (illus.)
  575. Sketches and Aphorisms (Sketch Suite) (illus.)
  576. About Wilek's Art (illus.)
  577. Quotes Page "Lizards and Tree" (illus.)
  578. Between Kitsch and Sublime (illus.)
  579. Homage to Louis Soutter (illus.)
  580. "Where would mankind be without Cubism?"
  581. Business, Genetics, and PR in Art
  582. Children's Matters (illus.)

  583. Music -- the Most Intime Form of Creativity

  584. Travel
  585. Return to Paris
  586. Surprising Canada
  587. Two Months in Poland (Winter 86-87)
  588. Poland Again (illus.)
  589. Galicia
  590. Catalan And Basque
  591. Almanzor's Revenge
  592. Geneva and Toronto
  593. Magical Malta (illus.)

  594. Entertainment
  595. Don Juan (illus.)
  596. Star Trek
  597. A Powerful Saga
  598. Way of the Samurai
  599. Partialities
  600. Bergman's Non-Statement About Men and Women
  601. "Marlowe in the South Seas" by Philip Wagner
  602. Strolling Forgotten Paths
  603. TV's "Toddler" Days
  604. "Of Gods and Men"

  605. Short Fiction
  606. The Vanished Gods
  607. Octopus (illus.)
  608. Soul Cannibals
  609. The Death of Bud (illus.)

  611. The Source and Content of Visions
  612. Western Peoples and Civilization
  613. Notes about Evolution
  614. Eternity and Determinism (illus.)
  615. Noneness of Symbols or the Dance of the Ghosts (illus.)
  616. Pondering Evolution (illus.)
  617. Putting Competition in its Place
  618. What Do I.Q. Tests Really Show?
  619. Ergo Sum
  620. About Dreaming
  621. Tidbits -- What is Reality?
  622. God/Human = Human/God (illus.)
  623. This Dangerous Universe
  624. "The Split Field"
  625. The Complex Ways of Coexistence
  626. What is Freedom?
  627. Age & Creativity
  628. Musing About Life and Death
  629. Notion of God
  630. Patterns of Thriving -- Patterns of Doom
  631. What is Morality?
  632. The Complex Paths of Creativity
  633. Musing on: Existence, Life, Spirituality
  634. Those Mysterious Freedoms (illus.)
  635. The Psyche Interacting with the Universe
  636. Why We Don't Control All Our Thoughts
  637. Empiricism vs. Formula in Psychoanalysis
  638. Quanta's Enigma
  639. Automatism
  640. Darwinian God of the Darwinian Universe
  641. Brain and Mind (illus.)
  642. Subjective vs Objective Universe
  643. Consciousness With the Brain Offline
  644. Back to the Real World of Enigma
  645. Shaw's Legacy
  646. The Dogon and Ways to Knowledge
  647. Determinism, Time, etc. -- Exchanges between Leon Felkins and William Markiewicz
  648. The Right-Wrong Hologram or, Let "right and wrong" coexist; they're not what they seem to be
  649. With or Without God
  650. Revenge of the Anti-Enlightenment
  651. Kaleidoscope as a Model of the Universe
  652. "The Question of God" on PBS Program
  653. Forming God
  654. We Probe the Universe, Which Doesn't Reveal Its Essence
  655. The Mysterious Notion of 'Quality'
  656. What Triggered the Stream of Life?
  657. Primary Impressions
  658. "Stupidity"
  659. Darwinism and Justice
  660. God?
  661. Are You for Samsara or Satori?
  662. Reflections on a Desert Island -- Re: To Whoever Found the Bottle
  663. Genesis: From Big Bang to Theology
  664. "The Goldilocks Enigma"
  665. Universe of a Bored One
  666. Infinity or Determinism? --Dialogue, Glenn Borchardt & William Markiewicz
  667. On the Pathway of the Village Philosopher
  668. Prison Musing
  669. Not Read, But Heard
  670. Life?
  671. When the Same Words Transmit a Different Meaning
  672. How to Live in an Impossible Universe? (illus.)
  673. Enigma of Dreams
  674. Creativity at Extremes
  675. Buddha Said
  676. Kundalini
  677. On the Track of Opposites
  678. A Simple Story
  679. "How Good and Pleasant ..."
  680. Existence and Proportion
  681. "Cocktail"
  682. "Goal Before Road"
  683. Between Zero and Infinity, My Mind Is in Prison
  684. One More Mystical Vision
  685. Darwinian Display
  686. Alasdair Palmer as Adversary of the Cult of Power
  687. Evolution of Humanity's Hunger for Knowledge
  688. Truth, Re: Truth,and the Relativist Rabbi
  689. Spacetime?
  690. Once Again –- One Big Truth vs. Many Smaller Truths
  691. Enigmas
  692. About a Beautiful Samsara Movie
  693. About Anthropology of Cultures

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